Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Friday!!!!!!

I love Fridays particularly when I have a couple of days home so that all that is left of the weekly cleaning is the dusting, mopping and cutting flowers to fill the vases.

Today is an extra special Friday as it is daisyboy11's 12th birthday - henceforth he shall be called daisyboy12! Where does that time go he was such a little thing and now he is almost in High School.

Today he has a free dress day then a swim in the college pool and a sausage sizzle for lunch (they are having a fundraising day). Then this afternoon I am picking him and four of his friends up for a birthday afternoon and two of them are sleeping over.

Daisygirl has an exciting day she is off to see some Koalas on a school excurison. And she has taken my camera so the post that I was going to do I will have to wait until Monday and you will have to put up with photos of some of my quilts.

daisyboy7 has swimming.

and daisyson17 has three weeks of school left after today (2 of those exam block where he only has one exam)

daisydad is coming to the end of a frantic work week.

So all in all my lot were quite cheerful as they tottered off this morning.

Hope they come home in happy moods too!!!!!

Yesterday I did get some sewing done and some cleaning and some gardening but I have more of all of the above to do today.

But only a little cleaning and a little gardening so hopefully I can do a lot of sewing.

I picked up some fabric from Spotlight last night to make pj pants (inspired by The Old Dairy ) I rarely buy farbic from Spotlight but I was pleasantly surprised by how much 100% cotton they had for such things.

I also picked some things for daisyboy12s
birthday. And I got some of the grocery shopping done for tonight's Halloween shindig (Halloween biscuits, pumpkin pie, "body part" pizzas)

I choof off to my little job tomorrow and then daisydads family will be here in the afternoon to catch up with those relatives from England. We are having a "picnic in the paddock" which is the easiest entertaining we do everyone brings chairs and rugs and a picnic for their family and away we go!! I think with everyone these days including the in laws and new great neices and nephews we number somewhere in the 70s.

I have been very remiss in welcoming some new commenters to daisy mountain so to anyone who has stumbled upon us - HI there!!!!

I also had an email yesterday from someone who thinks I am "amazing" - I am really not. A few times in my life people have told me I am intimidating and that was another expression this person used yesterday. I really don't feel like that is what I am projecting - and to make sure you all know I am just normal I have a special post on Monday.

It will show you the views of my garden that I deliberately didn't show in my photographs - the fabulous crop of weird grassey weeds in the garden under that gorgeous pink rose bush, the absolute mess in the alley way between the house and water tanks, the inside of my "potting" shed (which to date has NEVER been used for potting anything because it is full of "stuff"), and the real not-sitting-on-my-knees-so-I-can-look-over-the-top-of-the-blue-top-weed view of the dam from those chairs near the vegtable garden.

Unless of course I get to and cover the whole lot with mulch on the weekend and then take photos! LOL

But serioulsy we all try to present the best of our worlds in everything we do - but I don't want anyone to think I am some superhuman entity that gets everything done perfectly all the time every day all - it just isn't like that. One of my favourite quotes was from a woman who had come to Australia to run one of our big retail chains and she said....(not quoting this is just my rememberance of it)

I am a terrific Mother, a fabulous wife and and astute and clever business woman - just not all on the same day

Much of what I do show is probably more about how I view the world rather than the strict reality of it. I am a glass half full person - always have been - I choose to look over the weeds, so I can enjoy the view. I choose to ignore the potting shed so I can sit and have tea with my four year old or play poker with my 12 year old.

So Monday a warts and all view of my world anyone else game to do the same?????

oh and PS: Remember two weeks ago when i went off to clean my sewing room????? Well those photos will be here as well - still not clean folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Old Dairy said...

I'm sitting in my son's office and just had to drop in to say hello..
Happy birthday !!!!!!!!! Daisy boy12....Good luck with the party tonight, always found boys much better than girls, they don't giggle so much....
Your post yesteerday was from the heart you really said it like it is.....I'm glad that you deceided to slow down family and friends are so important arn't they....I would love to hear the story of your friend one day as it sounds like a miricle was happening there....
Both Dave and Karen work today so I have today on my own...aghhhhh..
I have cleaned the kitchen though (couldn't help myself) Meeting son for lunch and I'm sure he has gotten taller and better looking than last time I saw him.
Have a great week end with the family.

daisymum7 said...

So glad you are enjoying you time with them. With them both working I know they won't mind you cleaning the kitchen. Did you take some hand sewing with you??



Linda said...

So many things the same with the kids. Today was a sausage sizzle too. My daughter will be 12 but not until February. I heard about the body parts in the shops, but I haven't seen them. And my 17 year old boy had an exam today. He wasn't that impressed later. Better luck next time.

I have an award on my blog for you.

Out Back said...

Hello daisymum,

I look forward to Monday's post.

My son, has swimming lessons starting on Monday and would you believe it the weather is going to be cool next week. He is very slight built and feels the cold, at least they are going swimming in the afternoon.

I am pleased that your biscuits turned out.

Have a great weekend


Out Back said...

Hello again,

I think your blog is hot.
I have an award for you to collect.


Caroline said...

Come collect your award from my blog daisymum. I think your blog is great.

The Tin House said...

Daisy, what a refreshing read this is! You should see the photos I don't post!!!!! Who cares about the thistles - those quilts are very beautiful. (btw: artichokes are just glorified thistles....) Lisa x

joolzmac said...

Hi Daisymum

Wow, you've crammed a lot into your blog since you started on Oct.6th. Phew! I have lots to catch up on.

It amazes me how each time I stumble across another blog I like, there is a comment from a another blog that I follow.

Linda from Vic is one of them. We must be like minded in what we want to read,hear and say. Dare I it middle age? *snickers*

I keep saying it - blogging is better than buying magazines full of advertisements for commercial products. I am getting so much more out of blogging. I am 'meeting' such nice people from Aus and around the world.

With Pip's help and yours, I hope to post later with some properly positioned pics. PPPPP?

Cheers - Joolz