Friday, October 10, 2008

Rain glorious rain

Yes we had 8mm last night and it is still raining lightly this morning. Which is great because I transplanted some hedgerow roses yesterday afternoon and put in a few weeping paperbarks, a white daisy, and a mulberry.

The fence man is up in the orchard paddock and we should have a fully fenced area by tonight.

Trying to decide whether to plant my rosellas for this season in the orchard paddock where the chickens get let out not sure if they will eat them all on me....anyone?????

Here is a lovely shot of my "montville rose" the Duchess de Brabant the bush is covered with them.

Off to the quilt show at the RNA grounds today to see the Quilts of Gees Bend - if you aren't sure what I am talking about they have a website called just that. I have been wanting to see them for sometime so I can't wait. Not sure if I will be allowed to take any photos but if I can I will and post a few tomorrow.

Have a lovely weekend and I hope the weather is kind to you and your garden no matter where you are.



Bron said...

I wouldn't plant anything you don't want uprooted in the chicken paddock! If they don't eat the plant itself, they will scratch all the dirt out from around it... that is unless you put some sort of barrier around the plant to stop them.
We've just created two little gardens using old tyres for Miss Three and so far so good. Tyres seem to solve more problems than what they create. I may well follow your lead and scatter a few more about.
Have fun at the quilt show!

jacqui jones said...

oh the rain sounds nice..:)
as does being able to have an orchid paddock!!