Friday, January 10, 2014

WIF - What if Fridays......

A year of life is like a garden in many respects - you look around and see things as they are now but in twelve months you can come back and some things will look unchanged, some will be taller, wider or will have died, been moved or will have outgrown their allotted space and are spilling over and invading everything!!

My wish for you this year is that you outgrow your allotted space - the one you may have created for yourself or circumstance has placed you in - and that you spill over and reach for everything you have ever dreamed of.  And that along the way you weed out the things that hold you back internally and externally.

So I have decided each Friday will be WIF - What if Friday - and each week I will challenge, remind or coax you to think/do/feel/dream What if.....

This week - What if you did something to day that you have been putting off - get it done, cross it of the list and you can go into the weekend knowing it is sorted.

Professionally it may be a long overdue phone call to a client - or a tough one.
For mums it may be cleaning out the pantry or identifying the grunge at the bottom of the vegetable drawer.
It may be a phone call to say sorry.
A bill that needs paying
Or in the case of one of my friends a dream - he wants to make a start on.

What ever it is - what if you were able to go to bed tonight and say "yep, I have done that.".

If you want to share what you did please leave a comment below.

Until next time