Saturday, May 16, 2015

There's a snake in my ..... Bookshelf

So this gorgeous girl came to visit yesterday. Ms20 was dusting and something moved !

With the help of a pool net and a hook she was safely relocated to a nice open cardboard box in the shed out of eyesight of the dog and not in the house !  (The dank not Ms20 - although there have been moments......)

Chat soon


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A work in Progress

One thing I am most excited about in this new house is my gorgeous light filled sewing room - Well half a room. Master18 has the other half as his bedroom for the time being until the "guest" house is finished and he can move up there. 

It looks out at the Guava trees and what will be the vegetable garden. And it has a tiled floor so easy to tidy up and keep clean - and as they are white tiles to find dropped pins on ! 

The first project out of this sewing room will be a baby quilt for a work colleague - 
This is what she chose 

And this is my version - a work in progress !

Chat soon


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What is outside the house yard.....

We finally got to the mower and tidied up outside the house yard.

Above is the "gate house" we aren't quite sure why the old owner decided he needed a gatehouse but we have one.
This is the driveway leading up to the guest house - this will be completed soon hopefully.

Such a pretty place to live.

Chat soon


Monday, May 11, 2015

Happiness Journal Results

It turns out the things that make me happy are wide and varied.

Helping a great client find the perfect house had me smiling on Monday.

Tuesday - I had lunch with a good friend - that was a happiness moment.

Wednesday -  I drove my Prado to work which I haven't done in ages cranking the country music and singing all the way - then parking miles from the office because our Prado is a 4wd not a pristine large car - So it's dirty, there's a trim panel missing and some scratches and it isn't clean but it's my favourite car To drive and I love it.

Thursday I was happy to be home and having dinner with my family.

Friday I was just happy to be put and about early doing a zillion little jobs - catching up with a dear friend.

Saturday - a quick stop in to watch the boys play rugby in between working made me happy - and coffee - and a gift of home grown herbs and flowers from a client.

Sunday - Mother's Day so much happiness - rugby for daisyboy 11 - made scones and had morning tea with the family - then sewed all afternoon - then sangria around the fire - and hamburgers with the family. Much laughter - and sangria !!!! Who can be unhappy ???

So all sorts of things push my happiness buttons - does it come from Within or without ? 

For me it comes from being true to myself just being me - being a wife, mother, friend and a real estate agent on my terms - not pretending to be what I am not.

How did you do ??

Talk soon


Saturday, May 9, 2015


I love our chickens - I love how they cruise around - they bring a sense of calm to my early morning cup
Of tea. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happiness is.....

Had a chat with a friend today and she is having a hard time with some work colleagues .....

But I digress.....

The thing is she wanted people to post things that had made them happy about today or things they had done to make other people happy.  It got me thinking....

.... is happiness something you feel or is it a reflection of the way you make other people feel?

Some days I just wake up happy - no particular reason I just feel great but perhaps that is because for the a few days beforehand I have been working my ass off to get things done to make other people happy.

I think this is worth investigating so for the next week I am going to keep a Happiness journal - those times when I feel really happy I will write down when they are what I was doing and what I had been dong beforehand - perhaps if we can establish exactly what it is that makes us have that euphoric feeling - we can do more of it.  Or perhaps it might just be that your mind and body get sick of not feeling like that and it is a for no particular reason other than it is good for you.....or maybe thats menopause - another thing I might have to start looking into.

Play along if you feel you want to and share your findings next week.

Be Happy !


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Much Rain !!!

This photo was posted by Frederik Eklund ( yes of Million Dollar Listing fame) he posted there was a framed poster on his parents wall with a photo of a duck gliding gracefully - and he made reference to the little feet going hell for leather under the surface.  It arrived on my FB feed just after I found out our road had been cut by floodwater - and it was so cheery and so appropriate I couldn't help but steal it and share it.

This is how I felt yesterday afternoon - paddling like crazy and the water was rising !  What a rain event that was.

There was flooding in places I have never seen it flood and so much water lying around.  Friends and relatives taking three fur and more hours to complete a 20 minute drive - and then this morning it dawns clear and bright and stunning.

A bit like my mood this week - cloudy and gloomy and then the sun comes out and it is all good again.

Enjoy your day ! ( trialling new sign off lines......)