Friday, October 24, 2008

Roses and ramblings..............

I am so tired today. Daisyboy7 is home from school with a runny nose and a sore throat figured I would keep him home today, and try to get him to rest, that will give him three days to let it run its course.

Yesterday after my cleaning job I got home and sewed like a maniac to get that formal dress finished so the girl could come and get it yesterday afternoon.

Just got that done and was about to step in the shower when my sister phoned they have been away at a conference for a few days. On the way back to Toowoomba from the airport they thought they would drop in.

My house looked like a war zone - no seriously - I knew I had about 40minutes so I vaccuumed, mopped the floor, dusted, tidied, swiped over the bathrooms, did the breakfast washing up ( see Caroline you are not the only one!), tidied and cleaned the kitchen, made a salad for dinner, put a load of washing on ( the one that had been sitting on the laundry floor since 6am), and even managed to fill three vases with flowers !!!! Guess it wasn't as bad as I thought because in 45 minutes it was clean and tidy. Mind you the middle three kids came home off the school bus just in time to help out so I wasn't alone.

What a great thing an unexpected visitor can be, I woke this morning, and the house was clean, so I got the rest of the alterations done that are being collected today. Now I have one shirt to hem and the stuff to get labelled for the Arts and Crafts Show this weekend and I can finally do some fun sewing.

Today I am going to finish off some block of the month blocks, that I am so far behind with that today will be called "almost a year in day". And I am going to print off some dishcloths patterns that I want to get to this weekend including a really cute one with a rose.

There is the folding to finish and the ironing to do and dropping off the A&C show stuff this afternoon. And we need milk and toilet paper. But still I will be able to sew before I have to go.

One of the reasons my sister dropped in was to give me a quilt she has made for her granddaughter (she is 9 years older than me so my youngest son and her eldest grandchild are 3 weeks apart - weird)

My sister is my big sister with everything that title entails she is organised, generous, busy and I want to be just like her when I grow up. But last year she came to my patchwork groups quilting retreat and it it was the strangest thing - she was asking me for help.

So here I am at 45 and for the first time in my life I know more about something than my sister, well maybe that isn't strictly true but she defers to my opinion or asks my advice about it and that is a real honour for me.

She has done an amazing job on this quilt but is nervous about quilting it so I am doing it for her.
I posted photos of some of my roses I would have had more but I cut a whole bucket full this morning to give to a friend of mine for her b&b. I should have remembered to take a photo of the bucket before I gave it to her!!
Happy potteirng in the garden weekend


Caroline said...

Oh golly gosh so your human too!! Glad to hear someone elses house looked a treat to & I don't mean in a good way either. well maybe your not human 45mins unbelievable you go girl!!

Out Back said...

I am pleased you dropped by my blog and left a comment.

I have started reading yours and will return soon to read a bit more.

You sound like you have an interesting life, and fit a lot into it. I looking forward to getting to know you too.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Linda said...

I will be 45 in November. I don't have a big sister but I could relate.

The bucket sounds lovely.

The Old Dairy said...
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