Thursday, October 9, 2008



Sorry my photo of the finished prefold looks a bit like a white rag in the middle of my quilt but my camera work needs some practice!!!

I found the nappy (diaper) pattern I used for these on there are patterns for all sorts of cloth nappies, but I really like the prefold ones particulary for new borns. Her instructions are very clear and the sizes are just right for the ages she specifies.


It looks like it might rain here today well I hope so, anyone else in South East Qld will know it has been a bit dry lately and some moisture before the real heat of summer hits will be great.

Here is a photo of my "tyre garden" I wanted to extend the vegetbale beds and without sleepers (or the cash to buy them) I figured free tyres would do just as well.

About four years ago I planted my last lavender bush in an old tyre we pulled out of our dam, I was going to dig a hole but where I wanted it was on a slope so I put some old potting mix in the tyre planted the lavender and after 25 years and hundreds of lavender plants it grew and grew!! Success - not sure why but I got some more tyres and planted roses, gardenias, brunfelsias even passionfruit vines all on the sloping bit near the gate to the orchard paddock and they are all thriving.

These seedlings are three and a half weeks old and I have only watered them once when I planted them - don't they look healthy? I am new to food gardening so not sure why the tyres work so well maybe they keep the roots of the plants warmer or something. These tyres only get about three hours direct sun a day in the morning.

So today I am going to plant some seeds, do a little weeding and get my haircut. I have done some sewing for the local hairdresser so he cuts my hair for nothing - community working at its best.

Plans for the mini greenhouse have stalled I thought I still had some shade cloth offcuts left but the boys have used them to take camping so I need to get some more so I can sew a cover for it.

Have a great day


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