Saturday, May 28, 2016

It's been a while

Since I posted - I have been madly knitting dishcloths for my sons girlfriends/partners/wives and friends. 

I have discovered if I double the pattern and make a 66 x 66 stitch cloth in a dark colour they are awesome for cleaning the BBQ - I have even added some fine filament fishing line and they make excellent scrubbers. 

My new job now allows me two days off a week - and I am getting back into the garden and my sewing. 

I spent my day off a few weeks ago making possum Bags !! Yep - one of the guys on the community page cares for possums and they needed more bags to keep them warm.   I spent a lovely day with the machine in front of the tv sewing six quilted bags   The next day he sent me this photo - of bag 6 in use with 3 - 50g ring Tails. 

After all these years trying to find balance - I think I finally have it. Back in the place this all started, doing the job I love - with awesome humans - contributing to my community and finding time for my family and for me. 

Until next time