Tuesday, October 7, 2008

If a tree falls.......

So what if I am posting my thoughts and hints and generally yakking up a storm on this blog and nobody reads it? Does it become some sad form of therapy? Is it egotistical like a computer age version of loving the sound of your own voice?? I guess we'll see.

I saw on another blog that the person started it as a way for their family to keep up with what they were doing. I guess I will use this the same way for all my friends everywhere to be able to see some current photos and some older ones and be with me on this journey through my life.

It may even become a record of some of the quilting projects I am in the middle of and a celebration of projects completed. I rather like the idea of journaling my life with pictures and videos in this way.

Today I am converting an old metal "wardrobe" into a mini green house. It has been sitting in the shed after being made redundant from daisyson21's bedroom, and it has four shelves and a hanging rail so I found some old hanging pots and thought with a bit of shade cloth around it - it would do the trick.

Then I am going to plant some seeds I have never really grown anything aside from beans from seed so this will be interesting but it will be a much cheaper way of keeping the production up in the vegetable garden.

Of course all of this will happen after I make 18 prefold nappies for a client. She has bought me old flannel nappies (diapers for my american friends) and some terry cloth ones as well and I have to work the magic and turn them into prefolds for her baby which is due this week.

I remember when my older boys were little I had three in nappies at the same time I used to wash 40 odd nappies a day. I always remember feeling really virtuous or motherly or something hanging all those nappies on the clothesline it was like my statement to the world.

Strange after all these years I still define myself as a wife and mother - I know I do other things but that is who I am a wife and mother (and in that order).

The sewing machine beckons will post some photos of the greenhouse and the prefolds tomorrow.



jacqui jones said...

a blog
love the photo..is that your house...NICE
wait til i can share pics of my new house...21 days i so cant wait!!!
i just blog about life and craft and whatever is happening for us at that time...its interestiing to go back and read it all later

daisymum7 said...

Thanks Jacqui for some reason i thought it would be hard adn expensive to set up and here it is about five minutes work!! Thank you for your encouragement.

Yes that is our "little" house it is like those movies you know where something looks cute and little from the front but the side view!!WHOA.

can't wait to see your house!!


Bron said...

I've often wondered the same thing about my blog... why do I blog? Who beside family reads it? Then I put the feedjit thingy on there and all of a sudden I realise people all over the world are popping in to see what I'm up to. Like you, it's a nice way to journal and it's fun.
Good luck with the mini green house!

Caroline said...

Oh yeh I do know what you mean. I feel that I'm wasting my time with my blog sometimes & a comment can just make your day.I looove your house lots of charater like it speaks to you.Please keep blogging. Don't be discouraged I stop by & i really enjoy it.Happy vegie gardening it looks great.