Saturday, October 11, 2008

A misty rainy Saturday...


Wasn't going to blog today (shh I am at work!) Then I logged in and saw two of you had decided to join as followers then from there I found a few more of you and hey presto - I am sitting here thinking how I am so amazed that there are all these people out there living their lives like I try to live mine.

And how sad it is that without the internet, and people's willingness to share a part of themselves with the world at large, none of us would have know the other existed. What a joy it is to find people finding satisfaction in things others find mundane like Spring Cleaning(the old dairy), sewing (the tin shed), vegetable gardening (well all of you really) and living a more simple, more honest, more thoughtful and polite way of life.

I think it strange that in past eras the adjectives used to describe the way we go about our lives may not have been as flattering servile, pious, (and more recently) housebound and boring but I prefer to think of us as genteel - to me that word evokes the kind of sentiment I try to convey to the world.

Genteel is taking the time to make a real cup of tea and then sit and enjoy it looking at your garden. After a morning tilling the earth (even if that earth is only a few pots of tomatoes and lettuce on an inner city balcony), and with an afternoon of washing, dusting, ironing, cooking or sewing ahead of you.

As I look into my future one which hopefully will be filled with some part time work while my youngest is off at prep I will miss these misty rainy days on the verandah with some hand sewing or some knitting.

But of course I am not on my verandah on this misty rainy day I am at work and so I must away...but before I go ...thank you all - in your own words you validate my existence, my choices and my enjoyment of the simple life.



Bonnie said...

Lovely to see your blog! Spring is arriving for you, and we are heading into a beautiful colorful fall.

I'll check up on you again when I can!


The Old Dairy said...

What a lovely blog you have. You sound like I thought when starting a blog. I was reading them for ages and didn't think I could do it. Then discovered how easy it is, and loving it.
I agree how wonderfull it is to meet other like minded people. Sharing our lives togeather and learning from one another.
Family has just turned up, have a great day.

rhonda jean said...
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Rhonda Jean said...

Hello Daisymum! I've just read through your posts and have been thoroughly delighted. I love your house - everyone should have a red house! We had a little rain here, not as much as we thought w'd get but we're grateful for whatever comes our way.

I'll be back.

PS, that was my comment I had to delete above. I was under the wrong email address. ;- )

jacqui jones said...

i love that people share their lives like this
it inspires me to try new things
it lets me know its just not my crazy idea and it helps me to LEARN!!!!
if u had told me 10 years ago that i would of spent the day at the park with my kids, while i knitted dans christmas gift i would of laughed my head off...but here we all are..:) if u had told me i would of easy given up my career to be at home with the kids in the garden and trying to live simply i would of laughed at u...but here i am happier than ever!

Bron said...

Yes, how truely wonderful it is to easily stay in touch with others of like mind. Oh the wonders of modern technology!