Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A weekend in Melbourne

Just got back from a very cold weekend in Melbourne.

Everyone knows I am no fan of the cold but at least a Brisbane winter feels like an aberration from the norm rather than a life sentence. Bright blue skies and sunshine - if you are inside looking out you could be fooled into thinking it is a summers day.

                                              What a 14 degree day in Brisbane looks like

But not Melbourne winter settles in like a shroud - logically, historically, scientifically you know it will be warm one day but there is no promise of warmth in a Melbourne winters day - even with the sun shining!

                                                           A 12 degree day in Melbourne

So why do I go to Melbourne every year in the freezing cold? Because I love it ! I visit my very closes friend, see some amazing things, eat incredible food and soak up the very different vibe.   In Brisbane on a cold night a few people venture out - in Melbourne they go out in droves its almost as if they refuse to let the winter stop them.

The bay is always beautiful, the shopping is incredible and just an hour away is the gorgeous Yarra Valley with all the little villages, wineries and amazing views.

But it was nice to get home to a 20 degree day in Brisbane.

Friday, June 5, 2015

A long weekend

When you work in Real Estate a long weekend is a blessing. Normally I spend Sundays cramming some need to do jobs and some me time into one day shortened by club rugby games.  But a long weekend means I get a real weekend - two days "off".

So what will you be cramming into your long weekend apart from the usual school and club sport shopping, cleaning and getting organised for the following week?

I plan on gardening - I have some plants to put into the garden - hippeastrums and agapanthusand nasturtiums.  Then I plan on spending a chunk of time at my sewing machine getting some serious progress made on two UFOS.  One that needs to be in the post and in the US by Thanksgiving this year !! ( hint hint Dawn) - and is at the moment a pile of untrimmed blocks with no plan for setting - yet.  I have a book I want to spend some time with and a crocheted cape I making for an upcoming weekend in Melbourne to finish.

People ask me all the time were I find time to do things - the answer is I fit them in here and there - I will get half an hour of crocheting done on the way to and from rugby this weekend ( home game so not much time - but last weekend it was an hour and 20 minutes worth).  My books are always in the car and I read them even if only for a few minutes while I want for kids at the train station or at lunch - even if I am early for an appointment.

My sewing is always sitting next to the machine with the bobbins wound - needle threaded and fabric in a pile ready to go.  The gardening stuff is all in a bucket that I can grab when I have two minutes and just start - gloves, seeds, plants, trowel, bag for weeds etc.

I started doing things that way when the kids were little because I was so short on an time let alone time to do things I loved and it has carried through.

Enjoy your weekend -
Chat soon


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Coming full circle ...

Two and a half years ago my boss at the time took us to New Zealand to visit an award winning office in Christshurch. 

That experience Was life changing for me on lots of levels - but professionally most of all. 

I loved the vibe in the office we visited. I remember telling my boss how impressive it was and enthusiastically suggesting things we could do. His response was "we will never be an office like that " and just like that I knew I had to leave. 

Today I celebrated my one year anniversary in an office that upon reflection is exactly like that amazing office I visited.

From the philosophy And business practices to the culture - it is - as I have said many times the best office I have ever worked in. 

So if  you are somewhere and you know where you want to be - keep the faith - it is worth the journey. 

Chat soon