Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A play day...........and a mystery

Today I am hiding.

Yesterday was a busy and productive day so today I am free to play!!!!!!

And today I purposely kept the day free of any appointments, clients, or "have tos" - so what am I going to do with my free time??????

sew sew sew and then clean the sewing room, I was going to do it the other way around because I am always so much more productive and inspired in a clean work room but I haven't really been near the machine for "fun" for weeks. Here are the "before" shots

Sewing for me is fun so much so that I feel guilty sometimes just sitting there all day making things but it is one of the real joys of my life. As you can see cleaning up after I have been sewing isn't so much of a joy!!LOL

And as I am writing this I remembered that I am putting together some items for the Arts and crafts show at our local school, I have done it for the last few years and it is amazing how much I sell, the school keeps a percentage and the rest I get which is really great this close to Christmas.
So it won't just be sewing for fun I have a few teacosies to make and some appliqued teatowels and some lunch packs and maybe another hobby horse or two.

Have a wonderful day -take some time to play and think of me!!!!


PS: Does anyone know what this flower is it is a big caney kind of bush that I planted I got it cheap from some nursery about three years ago but it didn't have a tag. Please don't tell me it is a declared pest or something I just love it and if I had known how lovely it would be once it grew I would have bought more of them.

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The Old Dairy said...

How is the sewing going? I know just what you mean about sewing being fun, I love to create as well any sewing will do me.

I have that plant in the garden and I know it by lavander star. I know that the tag is still on it so in the morning I will go out and get it and let you know more. I do know that if you pull some up that is lying on the ground it will have roots on it. It is really easy to grow.
Thanks for answering me yesterday, I think that it is amazing that you are working a day a week plus all the sewing that you do as well.
Make sure you post about all that you have made before selling it all.
Have a great evening.