Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday and another post - I am on fire with this scheduling business !

Heading into another cold weekend - the winds here today are bitterly cold.

This weekends "to do" list looks like -

- work - and somehow a visit to the yarn shop to get some more cotton for knitting dishcloths with.

Sunday - rugby, baking and - GROAN - tidying the sewing room.

In the interests of full disclosure I will be posting Before and after photos - it is a shambles !

Hope you have something fabulous planned for the weekend.

Until next time


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The simple things.......

Without the kids rugby games on Sunday we have managed to reclaim some family time - we have had long family and friend lunches - time to clip the dog so she no longer looks like a badly matted wookie - mov ies - knitting - card games - afternoon teas.....

Only five more rugby Sundays to go and we can reclaim our Sunday for a few more months.

This Sunday I had a well balanced day.  cooking, baking, knitting, heading out to the beach for a picnic - all in all a great way to spend my one day off a week.

Here is the bread I baked quickly on Sunday afternoon to accompany the casserole I put in the slow cooker in the morning before we went out the beach.

I have been utilising my mothers old "warming tray" from the 1970s for bread proving - I put a teatowel on the warmer, put the bread tray on top then cover with another teatowel - it works so well in this cold weather.  Although taking the kid off the slow cooker ( if it is on low) and putting the baking tray on top with a couple of teatowels to cover the bread works as well.....

This week I will be using a fine french flour I have managed to get my hands on for my loaves.

Until next time


Friday, July 11, 2014

First post since January - oops .....

It really isn't that I have been cowering under the covers - or not doing anything.  I have just as usual not scheduled in the the to blog.

But the new Life Plan Calendar -  should fix that.

I guess we will see.

Until next time.....