Friday, June 19, 2009

Footy night post

Yup Friday and everyone around me is watching the footy so I though I would site with them all and post a quick one to once again explain my absence.

WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What else???????????????

At the moment I am taking over the job of property manager - did I tell you I passed my registration thingy??? and I will also be Office manager but in the meantime until i find someone to do my reception work I am doing all three jobs or trying to.

This afternoon I actually cried when i came home because I forgot the cleaner was coming today and when i got home because I hadn't left a note he had cleaned the WHOLE house they were tears of relief that I didn't have to do it.

So instead I packed up the car for my quilting retreat weekend I can't wait to get up there and catch up with all the girls and sew and chat and not thinkabout work.

And maybe I will even check the second hand shops on Tba and find a bread maker!!! Yes I am still on that tangent!!

So my dear friends thank you for bearing with me - and sticking with me in three weeks i will be back for real and posting much more often.

love you all lots


ps; will take photos over the weekend at what everyone got up to.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

It is cold here today but when I got home from work the sun was out and I felt like a cup of tea. So I made a quick batch of pikelets and a pot of tea and set up this little table to have my afternoon tea (with daisysons 5 and 8 ) in the front yard in a small patch of sunlight.
An antique silver tea pot, creamer and sugar basin and two of my favourite pink toile tea cups (daisyson5 prefers his monkey mug - not in shot - I wonder why lol)
Ah bliss and to think I wouldn't have bothered if I didn't need a photo for Tablescape Thursday.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome Becca and Angie to the followers list. It is lovely to think others think my life is interesting enough to vist from time to time.

I have just gotten back from my flying visit to Melbourne and my friend at Castle Cleugh. Their new home is gorgeous and in a great location just near the beach in Beaumaris. We had fun doing a little shopping ( I bought a few new clothes and some things for the kids) But of course now I am at home I am thinking I should have bought that and that - oh well I will just have to go back again.

One of the things that really struck me about Melbourne is the local strip shopping, we went to Mentone and the Concourse and few others just in the course of the driving me around and getting me aquainted with where things were. I love the idea of being able to go to the butcher, the bakery, the coffee shop, the fruiterer, a clothes shop etc etc without having to inhabit one of those ghastly shopping centres (malls) there is something decidedly quaint about being able to grab a basket and wander around and shop.

I take it for granted in a lot ways becasue we live in a village outside of Brisbane and this is how we shop every day, but it struck me that in Brisbane generally this type of shopping experience has largely disappeared except for a few precincts like West End, Redcliffe, Sandgate and some of the trendy areas like Bulimba and to a lesser extent Wilston.

It is a shame if we could all shop more locally we would walk more, get to know our retailers more, support smaller businesses with more sutainable business ethics and then we would be moving steadily towards the type of world I think we all crave.

I enjoyed my Saturday morning at the shops so much I didn't even think to be miserable about how cold it was !!!! (actually it was a lovely 9 degrees celcius but as the morning wore on the "snow" clouds came over the sky and it got chillier) but there I was breathing fresh air and not recycled air conditioning air, hugging my bags of produce and thoroughly enjoying every moment of being outside.

So if there is a tired little set of shops near you where you can pick up the bread and milk, the paper, chat about local events as you wait for coffee or find a dusty bargain on a back self then do yourself and the planet a favour and go explore. Certainly the internet may be making the whole world a village but nothing beats interacting with actual people and seeing their smiles, and the knowledge that your purchase may just keep them open a little longer or draw in another retailer to help revitalise our local precincts.

Have a wonderful Monday where ever you are - and take a walk to the shops!! (even if like me you have to drive there first)


Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm baaaaack...........

Just walked away from the computer and thought hold on - one of the comments about last week was how our friends in the other hemisphere rarely get to see our Christmas tables so for your looking pleasure some of our Christmas tables from over the years.................

Will scan some of the older ones in and post them next week.

Tablescape Thursday again already!!!

Hi wanted to say welcome to the new visitors here to Daisy mountain.

Can't believe it has been a week since Iposted. having a roast with the gang tonight so will get the photos of the Tabelscape uploaded after dinner for you all to see.

I am off to visit a friend of mine in Melbourne tomorrow morning at 6am!! (which means leaving home at 4ish the things we do for good friends hey?? and it will be COLD and I HATE the cold.!!

have a great day until tonight my tablescapers!!!