Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pink Breakfast...........

Rushing this morning getting kids off to school and heading off for a Pink Breakfast for Breast Cancer at the local nursery/coffee shop.

I harvested a whole bowl full of wonderful fresh salad leaves for dinner last night and I pulled up a beetroot and took off an eggplant - probably the smallest eggplant I have ever seen - living proof people that you shouldn't grow the same thing in the same spot two years running. This bush came up of its own accord and I left it there.

It tasted great just sliced and grilled on the BBQ.

When I hung the washing out this morning I was looking at the nasturtiums in the garden bed next to the line and I found this gorgeous little beauty. I love the dark red ones but they don't seem to grow as well in my garden as the orange, yellow and these "apricot" ones.

I planted the luffas in the garden yesterday under my new trellis. None of the seeds I planted last week are up yet, I don't think I am very good at this seed thing but I have a few more so I will give them another go this week.
I have moved some of my tyres into a light filled but shadier spot behind the water tank in the hope that I will be able to keep growing lettuce longer into the season.
My pumpkins and rockmelon vines are growing well in their bathtubs now I just have to hope that over the next week they spill over the edge and trail downhill instead of back through the fence!! I am trying to utilize the sunny east facing bank of the dam that is currently populated by weeds and some weird grasses. I have mowed it down and planted more nasturtiums and I am hoping that between them and the pumpkin and rockmelons they cover the bank.
I keep forgetting I wanted to buy some sweet potatoes to pop in a few bare spots in the garden beds - can I grow them from sprouted ones??? We have a great organic shop in town and I can buy some organic ones there maybe I will try that.
Other than the garden which seems to be my main focus as soon as the sun comes up these days, I have a heap of sewing to do later today. And then usual round of cleaning, washing, folding and cooking.
When we went to the library yesterday I got myself a book on tape to listen to while I sew. I usually listen to music (or one of daisyboy4s videos) but after I read on someone's blog that this is what they do when they iron I thought what a great idea!!!
So I am off to find something other than yard clothes to wear to this breakfast this morning and if my day goes as I think it might (or rather hope it might) there will be clean sewing room photos tomorrow!!!
Please note I have deleted my rant. After spending a wonderful few hours with some dear friends and some new ones, raising $3000 for breast cancer research - and coming home with an auction item myself (check out tomorrows post for details and photos) - I don't think anyone needs to put up with my views on the media. I promise I will keep them all to myself from now on - this blog will be peace and tranquility and the fun chaos that is my everyday.
Have a wonderful day.


jacqui jones said...

the blog is looking great
thats a fun site huh

im going to plant out my pumpkin vine today and the strawberries and beans and a lonely out of season snowpea hehe...its doing its own thing...yep my house is empty and i have permission to plant out garden beds that r already there and start moving some stuff in woohoo

i have rockmelon seeds down for the very first time, but i am coming home with watermelon and a new tomato seed this afternoon too

have fun at your pink event

The Old Dairy said...

I agree, that is the smallest eggplant ever, ha ha ha...
I know what you mean about being in the garden at first light. I think I have a onr track mind at the moment,garden.garden and may be a bit more gardening.......
I can't beleive we have so much in common!!!
Looking forward to that cuppa...

daisymum7 said...

Oh Jacqui I had so much fun yesterday I think I had tried about 20 backgrounds before I got to this one. I like this one it kind of says me in a way I hadn't thought about before. Now I am thinking about changing the packaging of my patterns to be more like this. We will see.

Oh I am wasting time today I have sewing to do and no inclination to do it whatsoever.