Friday, October 17, 2008

A day of finishes!!

I actually woke up yesterday with the head cold that my kids have had for the last few weeks. It seems every year I end up getting a head cold just as the weather is starting to warm up and chase the last cool mornings of winter away.
Maybe it is my body's way of clearing out winter!!

So even though I was feeling miserable I got into the sewing room and this is what I managed to finish.
Two lunch packs and two tea cosies for the Arts and Crafts Show and.....

After starting at 9am with this..........................

I ended up binding this at 7.30pm...................................

It is a baby quilt for a friend of one of my sons. he asked me to make it for them, I had been wanting to try the Braid pattern and I had some strips cut ready to sew, so I used this for the centre. The heart on the front at the top has the little girl's name and date of birth embroidered on it (by machine) and I added the extra fabric hearts on the back to give an interesting quilted heart pattern over the front.

I am really pleased with my day of sewing and along the way I emptied the bins, picked up pins and filed some stuff away in my sewing room so by this afternoon I should be able to post a clean work room photo.

We had 21mm in the storm the other night and it drizzled yesterday as well so I haven't needed to go into the vegetable garden to water, but later today when I feel a little brighter daisyboy4 and I will go and pick some flowers for the house and do some weeding and tidying. ( and now that I have read The Old Dairy post - MULCHING)

Off to work again tomorrow - hope you all have a wonderful weekend and for those of you in Qld a great pupil free day Monday.



Gill - That British Woman said...

wow you were super productive.....I love the baby quilt, you are a fast sewer.

Gill in Canada

daisymum7 said...

Gill when you only have limited time it is all about being organised. I spend ten minutes each day cutting out things, then placing them in a box ( I have four "wish boxes" only that way it doens't get out of hand)ready to sit next to the machine and just go. Sometimes that time is spent filling bobbins, or threading machines with the right colour anything so that when I get to it I can get a lot done.

Of course my quilting organisation GOD is Bonnie from Quiltville.


The Old Dairy said...

Well I was going to do a post on what sewing I got done I don't think so after seeing what you acheived in 1 day.Love that quilt, and the luch bags, do you make them out of water proof material so that you can put an ice pack in them?

Here is th information on the plant, not much more than I've already said really.....
Grows to 1.5mtrs
width 1 mtre.
Thats about it , but do keep an eye on it as here it can get away if I don't keep it cut back....
Have a good week end

Bron said...

Sewing is such a wonderful skill to have. Unfortunately it's something that the skill fairy didn't sprinkle over me - every time I touch a sewing machine it jams. But, having said that I am keen to give it another go thanks to blogs such as yours. Thanks for the inspiration!

jacqui jones said...

love all your sewing
your being way to productive for someone that was sick!
go lie down and take care of yourself