Monday, November 3, 2008

Here it is..............

Well here we go living proof I am not perfect.......................

Thought I'd start with the verandah another place we sit regularly to have breakfast or chat while we BBQ dinner. It is such a mess at the moment, I promise myself after seeing these this will be cleaned by tomorrow.

Then we move on to some of those lovely roses look closely weeds loads of them all different types!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah now this is great rememebr my shot looking at the clothes line over the sea of nasturtiums well here is what the nasturtiums hide from the front, the very messy corridor between the house and the water tanks and what I euphemistically call the "potting shed" more on that in a second.

Here is the inside of the potting shed no potting going on in there ever!!!!!!!!!!! It has become the place to put the stuff we don't know what to do with and not very tidily either.

I took this shot of the alley way to show you my green thumb look at the size of that THISTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the real view of the dam when you are sitting in those chairs you can kind of glimpse the water.......................

here's what you see from those chairs if you turn back towards the house if you look closley you might see half a dozen car bits....

And for the absolute proof that photos can tell two very different stories here is that lovely pink rose I keep showing you photos of.............along with the weeds it lives with.

Do I still love my garden YES

Do I still enjoy getting out in it and sitting in it YES

Does it matter if it isn't perfeect NO

Will it ever be??? Not unless someone stops the clock at some stage, the garden is living proof people live here along with all the things they have to do and their good and lazy habits.

My garden is me big, and blousy and kind of messy but welcoming, fun and a place you'd like to spend some time.

Like I said on Friday it is about how you view the world my glass is half full I can see all the untidiness but I would rather sit and talk to my family in my garden than ignore them and have it pristine.

So people is your glass half full or half empty ? Do you only see the weeds or is it the flowers that capture your heart??



Caroline said...

All looks pretty normal to me.
Oh my glass is the same as yours so maybe we should stop & have a drink together sometime!!LOL

daisymum7 said...

would love to organise a catch up maybe when the holidays start??


The Old Dairy said...

Love the I saw my son on the week-end he commented on how every-thing always looks so good. Only problem was there was a hint of sarcassim in his voice....I'm drinking out of the same half full glass to........

The Vintage Rose said...

I'm with you you, if you look closely at some of my garden photos you can see the weeds (and the messy verandah for that matter). I'm learning to look beyond the weeds and to enjoy all the new blooms - great thing about Spring! I've done a little bit of weeding lately but sadly they multiply faster than I get rid of them. CUP OF Tea - half full!