Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This time last week I was in gorgeous Akaroa New Zealand - having breakfast with the guys from work - this was the view....

That short break and a good friend convinced me that this is a good time to slow down, and embrace the inevitability of the holidays.  So for me this week it is casual clothes, low heeled sandals and a relaxed attitude to work.

Does that mean I am not working? No it just means I am not trying to make things happen - I am simply letting them happen.  From the amazing things that keep appearing out of the blue I am thinking this isn't a bad attitude to carry through for the rest of the year.

But of course I won't, at some stage I will get too serious about things and I will "forget to wear flats to work".

If you are struggling to get to the finish line that is "Christmas" - take a breath, put on some flats, and a Hawaiin shirt and if anyone asks you why tell them because it is 21 days until holidays and you are starting early.

If I don't get back here to say it in a few weeks - Merry Christmas ! Happy New Year! Happy Summer Holidays!

Until next time