Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Holding a mirror up to your life.- and liking what you see

This week an article appeared on a website - about me.

The article is on a site called Living Savvy the brain child of the gorgeous Jo Bassett our chidlren share a classroom, and she and I have shared a few lunches. Why she would have been interested in me was a bit of mystery but she was so we met, we chatted and the results are to be found on Living Savvy.

I was laughing as I was reading it because I kept thinking this is so weird I sound so good, so together, so grown up - when I feel far from all those things most of the time!!

That got me to thinking that I am, like most women, too hard on myself.

Having 7 kids isn't any harder or easier than having one - it is just different - like everyone's family is different. Working full time is no big deal millions of women all over the world do that and without the benefit of the best boss in the Universe. The other stuff I do well that is just the other stuff I do - put it all together and I sound like Superwoman or Wonderwife.

The reality is far more mundane I go through the motions, I write lists, I yell, I get things done, I know how I want things to be and somedays it works out like that - do I love my life YES! Would I change it - NO! Tweek it? - All the time and maybe that is where I am different I am constantly re evaluating EVERYTHING.

But perhaps that is more about getting bored than trying to be a better person.

But one thing I do know having someone hold a mirror up to you and making you look into it - is a really worthwhile thing, the upshot of this week is I am probably more appreciative of what I get done rather than beating myself up over what got missed.

So thank you Jo - it was an uncomfortable, confronting and worthwhile experience.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Well finally tonight our quilt group starts for the year. Can't quite believe this will be our 3rd year! They are such a great bunch of birds - and we have so much fun - I am so looking forward to tonight.

Even though we had a sneak peak the Sunday before last when we met for a Day retreat - we went to a hall just up the road( in Australian terms) and sewed for a whole Sunday.

The whole balance things is working quite well at the moment - I feel like a whole person again instead of some unrecognisable manic monster. lol