Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Monday

Hi Everyone

Just a quick post we are off to Caboonbah Homestead today to show some visitors from England, a bit more of Australia than the Barrier Reef. Promise I will post some photos for those of you who haven't been there yet.

Couldn't take photos at the Gees Bend quilt expo which was such a shame as it was FABULOUS. The Gees bend Quilts were amazing but the Japanese ones were simply awe inspiring.

The above shot (I really must learn to put my glasses on when I am taking photos) is of my first ever success with growing something from seed - LUFFAS!!!!!! This is very exciting for me. I have some others ready to plant out tomorrow (yes the ones I have been promising to do all week).

Yesterday after we got back from a 40th birthday in Toowoomba we planted out another Mulberry tree, and a new bed of Rosellas for next season - I relented and put it in a sunny open space in the orchard paddock - no sooner were they in the ground and mulched than Lloyd and GubGub (the Roosters) got in and scratched around so I added some wooden stakes near the plants, not sure if they will survive but we can hope. If things get really bad we can put up a little fence around them.

The boys spend most of the day in the house yard anyway near Daisyboy4 and I while we garden, have morning tea, or sit outside my sewing room window and watch me. daisyboy4 hand raised them from chicks he got from preschool they are not aggressive and have gorgeous personalities.

This one is GUB GUB he has a dodgy leg where he got it caught in the pen as a young chick and we think it broke but it mended itself and he is a handsome boy nevertheless.


All this talk of the world markets and problems with job security and house prices must be making loads of people a bit nervous. We have a long way to go with the kids we still have to educate, our mortgage etc. but every cent that can be placed back into the deposit banks in the from of savings makes our banking sector even stronger. There are about 30 AAA rated banks in the world and our big four are in the top six.

And already overseas investors are seeing this with almost a 20% increase in overseas investment over the last few weeks. Which makes our banking sector even stronger. Add to that the smart ones, who heeded the warnings 12 months ago and cashed out of the stockmarket, have their money sitting in the deposit banks as well - and you have a ready made source of cash that will flow into the property market sometime over the next few months. With interest rates coming down the deposit funds aren't so attractive as a cheaper bricks and mortar market.

Sure the housing market is going through an adjustment at the moment and if you have to sell to move for work then it isn't the best time but then again everywhere is the same so prices everywhere are coming back. And maybe going a bit smaller or a bit further out aren't such bad options you may be able to afford a bit more land, or move smaller and be closer to public transport pro and con lists are a great idea include things like transport costs, food growing space, water tanks, solar power, close to schools, close to shops. If you have a home with a mortgage put what you can into it,save where you can and ride it out.

We are very very lucky in Australia to have one of the strongest economies in the world and whilst we will be affected by the world financial crisis if we are all smart and don't panic then we will ride this out better than most.



The Old Dairy said...

Hope you had a lovely day in Toowoomba on Sunday, the day turned out to be beatuifull after a cold start.
Where did you get your luffa seeds from? I have been trying to get some for months and can't find any around.

jacqui jones said...

i really hope so!

Caroline said...

Luffas are great aren't they i use to use them for everthing bathing cleaning even washing up. I'm a bit like Mandy though i haven't seen the seeds lately.

daisymum7 said...

Mandy and Caroline I got my seeds from Green Harvest in Maleny I saw a link to their site on Rhondas blog and they had them. You can direct deposit to them and they post them off really quickly.

We came straight home to get in and do some work in the yard. But yesterday we pottered around The Esk area for the day and it was gorgeous.


Caroline said...

Thanks I'll get some from them.
Cheers Caroline