Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Flappers need a man........

Daisyboy4 got "baby wark warks" for his birthday last year, after the first two not doing so well we ended up with "the flappers" three gorgeous muscovy girls.

They are pure white and have lovely temperaments but the are seriously weird.......... They have been happily laying up a storm recently but today one of them has driven the other two out of the cage and has made a nest and is fiercly protecting her one egg - only problem is we don't have a drake! So unless the opportunistic roosters Gub gub and Lloyd have circumvented the natural order of things - she is being overly broody.

So does anyone out there have or know of a nice natured (and if he isn't the roosters and the flappers will pull him into line I am sure) muscovey or pekin drake that they would like to either giveaway or barter for something I have?????

I am on the northside of Brisbane and am happy to travel to get the right boy!!



The Old Dairy said...

Daisyboy4 is a cutie pie.....
Can't help you out in the drake department.

I'm sitting here reading blogs instead of cleaning the house before I leave...sighh
Good luck with the ducks.

Caroline said...

Oh first let me say daisyboy4 hair is gorgeous reminds me of firstborn who is now nearly black haired.
Muscovy ducks are more known to do this you really need a muscovy drake as this breed will not interbreed they also sit on their eggs 28dys other ducks or hens only 21dys so you can put other eggs under muscovies but you can't put muscovy eggs under other ducks or hens cause they don't sit long enough am working on the drake but no luck with the people i had in mind. Sorry- but hope this info helps. Caroline

daisymum7 said...

Thanks Caroline I didn't know they were fussy about their boys. And I didn't know it was 28 days.
And yes daisyboy4's hair is lovely two of them have been this blond before him both have still got their blond locks but it is darker.