Friday, October 17, 2008

New for old

Had to jump on quickly to tell you of my purchase.

After being very inspired by The Old Dairy and mulching for a few hours, I ventured upstairs to tackle the little boys bedroom (again inspiration well perhaps motivation might be a better word thanks to The Old Dairy).

About 18 months ago I splurged at Ikea and bought three chests of drawers, a wardrobe and a loft bed (for daisyson17). Well the loft bed has survived but the chests of drawers have all had it and the cupboard went to the tip ages ago. So I popped daisyboy4 in the car (yes mulch in the hair and all) and headed off to the "local" Lifeline store where I purchased two dressing tables with solid wooden drawers for $75.

I am so cross with myself for spending all that money on furniture which I probably knew deep down wouldn't last in a little boys bedroom. But I won't be making that mistake again.

After convincing the men at the store that I really did know what I was talking about and assuring them that of course they would fit in the car - and without resorting to lecturing them on the virtures of a car and a mother that can pack away four kids , one teenager, two adults and enough camping gear for a two week trip to Townsville - without a roofrack. We headed home via the shop for ice cream and the dump (see below).

One has mismatched handles and I left the mirror from it at the "trash n treasure" shed at our dump on the way home. But the other one is quite small and boyish and I have enough drawers and bits from the two remaining Ikea jobs to make one good chest for daisyboy4's clothes (which currently reside in baskets on an old painted bookcase.)

So while I am at work the "family" can give them a coat of paint and some new handles (daisyson17 works in a hardware store on the weekends so we get good discount) and on Sunday I can reinvent the bedroom from hell. At the moment it is just the clothes that end up all over the place because the drawers fall out or won't close properly.

In the Garden: we almost have a flower on our first Agapanthus I love them they just scream SUMMER IS HERE!!!!

And I found a strawberry plant in the wheelbarrow that I have planted out with Silverbeet! Not sure where it came from and it wasn't there the other day.

The Mulching is done out the front, daisydad and some of the younger daisies will do the vegetable garden while I am at work.

The sewing room didn't get touched but I really enjoyed my day in the garden and I think it cleared my head a little although I had a splitting headache by the time I got into the shower last night.

It is a gorgeous day today - it is a shame I am here at work.

Have a restful Sunday my friends.



jacqui jones said...

oh woohoo on your find
one of my jobs this week is to find a smallish kitchen table and 4chairs for the new house ivehad a half hearted look, but i hope i end up with your luck.

oh the garden, cant wait for that...i wish i could tackle theroom from hell...its just so not worth the trouble but, if you know what i mean

Linda said...

I can relate.

That is why I hang onto my old couches, they seem to be able to take the wear.

The Old Dairy said...

Good on you getting into the been sewing christmas presants because tyou inspired me with every-thing you did....
Have been mowing today as well .5 hours of it.
Love the new look of your blog it must be the time as remote treechanger changed hers and I put a differant photo of the Dairy up as well......