Wednesday, October 8, 2008

MY "day off"

"Day off" is a bit of a joke really today is the only day of the week that daisyboy4 is at kindy so inevitabely everything gets slotted into it and hey presto I have a day filled with little jobs.

Today was a second round of mammograms (the joys of being an older mother - not too many others at Kindy are racing off to Breast Clinic!). Still everything okay so that is good.

I spent yesterday making prefolds and I am so happy with the way they came out I am dying to find some old flannel and towelling nappies (diapers) so I can make some for the three great nieces or nephews that are due over the next few months. I think I will get creative and put a coloured layer on the outside.

The photo on the left is the finished product. My client was happy with them and I had so much fun making them.

There are several websites with different patterns for these and the shaped ones. They also give the dimensions for the newborn, baby and toddler sizes.

I didn't get to the mini greenhouse yesterday because the fencing man left his tractor in the back paddock which meant "I am coming tomorrow" so I spent my outside time pulling out the old fence that we had bodgied up and rescuing the lengths of wire from it to fence off my front garden from our two dogs and try to save the new hedgerow roses I put in.

Then I took some of the old chicken wire and repaired some holes in the chicken coop, and then I cut out a lantana bush that has been happily growing in the orchard paddock at the base of one of the pine trees. I came in at about 6pm feeling quite happy with what I had acheived.

Tomorrow I am going to get stuck into the greenhouse and planting some seeds.

This afternoon we got home to find one strainer post in and a new gate in the orchard hopefully tomorrow will see some more posts and maybe some wire. We had two goats taken by wild dogs a few weeks ago so I am keen not leave the chook pen exposed for longer than I have to.



Bron said...

I haven't heard of home made prefolds - hope you're planning to post some photos of the finished product and perhaps a pattern?

Sounds like there's lots of action in the garden. Always a good thing!


jacqui jones said...

oooer im after a good modern cloth nappy pattern
i want to use them while i toilet train emily