Monday, October 20, 2008

New look!!

I am so excited I finally worked out how to change the look of the blog. So expect a different one every now and again until I find the one that screams ME. I really like this one though. The one on the weekend was a bit too bright.

In the yard...................
Yesterday was spent mulching more gardens, mowing, planting out five Hedgerow roses in pink....I get these from Diggers at first I wasn't convinced they would grow in Qld but after putting in 10 (and only losing 1) 4 years ago I am a convert. I didn't water them at all they have survived on what nature provided (not much considering we have been in drought since I planted them) and look at them they do need the sun though, the ones on the other side of the drive are in the shade of a pine tree and they aren't as lush. They only flower once a year but they are so beautiful and form a great soft hedge.

Then I decided I am putting more vegetable gardens in the orchard paddock and we are going to take back the weeping paperbarks we bought for the front area and exchange them for some fruit trees perhaps avocados. And I finally got my head around where I am going to build the trellises for the cane berries.

And we got a trellis up for the luffas so planting them out today.

Up until this point the garden has been largely my baby, daisydad hasn't been that interested, but that is unfair he has been studying a law degree by distance ed for the last 8 years so every weekend has been full of study, assignments and the work he has to do for his real job. But now that his study if finished he has been out helping me more and yesterday's decisions were "us" not me. So it was a turning point I suppose.
Busy Sunday....................

We usually have a cooked breakfast on Sunday after Church but this week we got into the garden first then had a late brunch, then back out to the yard to get some more done. We did some weeding and then had a swim in the dam with the daisies, and then played gin and go fish with the kids for a while we even got to sneak away and do a bit of grocery shopping on our own and pop in to the local pub for a quick drink on the way home. In a busy full household it is these little moments that help to remind you that one day there will be just us.

That bedroom.............

Daisygirl13 sorted out the boys bedroom on Saturday it looks great apart from the fact I really wanted the drawers painted before the clothes went in them but never mind we can do that in a few weeks when everyone is home on holidays. For now the floor is empty of clothes and everything looks neat and tidy - a room to think and plan in at last.

Kids are home.................

So we are off to the library and then we need to buy daisyboy7 a pair of goggles for school swimming. So while we have to be out of our valley and over at the shopping centre we will get some meat to put in the freezer. Then home again to drop the kids here while I choof off to another job interview then back here to pick them up and off to the nursery to swap those trees over and pick up a punnet of lettuce (no forgot to plant out lettuce seeds!!!!) and a play in the park in the village with a coffee for mum and a walk to the local take away for a 50c packet of lollies for the daisies. And then home to plant lettuce and luffas!!!
Enjoy your day whatever you are doing and whatever surprises it may bring.
PS: My potatoes are up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But my cucumber have gone not died not shrivelled just gone...... possums??


The Old Dairy said...

Like the new look! I hope you sat down on those lovely table and chairs to have a cuppa and admire all your hard work.
The yars is looks great,nice and green too!
Enjoy your children today as I am , and good luck in the interveiw, I say a prayer for you right now.
Blessings Mandy

Linda said...

My little girl likes her bag of lollies.

Caroline said...

Thankyou so much for your lovely comment on my blog it truly bought tears to my eyes it is one thing for a mother to be proud of their son but for a stranger to send that message is heartwarming, but I guess there are no strangers only friends we haven't met yet!!

Congrats to daisydad for finishing his studies Good Luck. I hope your interview went well for you and you all have a lovely evening together Caroline