Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A real day off...........

Well here it is again that one day a week when I don't have daisyboy4 with me. I have cancelled all my plans and am staying in to do a whole list of things that I haven't had time to do for the last few weeks.

I read on someones blog about how living this simple life is hard work - and it is but I relish being able to stay in and have a whole day to accomplish things.

The Garden:

Yesterday I planted some seeds, beetroot, beans and carrots.

Today I am going to do some more weeding, move some logs to the fire pile. Mulch the vegetable garden, and fix up the temporary fence at the front to keep the dogs off the garden.

The house:

Yesterday I got the laundry tidied up and did the folding and some of the ironing.

Today I am going to finish the ironing and start cleaning my sewing room(this might just take all day now that I look at it again!)

Oh and dust and sweep and mop and vacuum and clean the bathroom. (the usual)

The Christmas list:

Yesterday I did nothing

Today I will get some things organised, so lots of cutting out and I will finish off a baby quilt I have been working on. Add some borders to another quilt. And start my secret santa gift for my patchworking group I am still not sure exactly what to do but I have three things in mind so I will see what fabric I have.

And then some baking:

I am going to make a few batches of Fridge biscuits to keep in the freezer with all these extra visitors the biscuit barrel looks very empty at times. Sometimes I cook a few batches and freeze them (this works really well for Rhonda's cranberry walnut biscuits - without the icing) But I love the smell of freshly baking biscuits so I make them up roll them up and freeze them to cut and cook later.

I was telling one of the mum's this yesterday at the bus stop and she tells me you can buy them in rolls from the supermarket ! I asked her how much they were and she said about $4.00 so I chekced it out and worked it out....and.... the homemade ones will give you five rolls the same size as the one from the supermarket for $4.25.(bearing in mind we have our own eggs)

When I was a bit younger and the kids were smaller I made a rule never to go to bed until my daily list had been finished. Result? Jobs done really quickly and not well and years of not nearly enough sleep!!! The other day I was feeling a little overwhelmed because I had been away from the house so much and then I sat back and thought oh well I can do that tomorrow. Not a great idea if you have a real deadline looming but honestly if the floor doesn't get mopped today does it really matter??

Wish me luck it looks like my day off is filling up with jobs fast!!!

PS: Here is a photo of the only lavender I have been able to grow successfully in any of the five gardens I have lived in. It has to be the tyres!!


Linda said...

I was reading your kids ages I think at The Old Dairy.

Mine are 20, 17, 15, 11 and 6. A little similar.

daisymum7 said...

Hi Linda I haven't checked out your blog yet but it keeps popping up on ones I have been looking at so going over now .......

it is a hwole new set of dilemmas when they are vastly different ages like that isn't it???? You jump from hearing baout the latest girlfriend or car to whats new in lego!!!


The Old Dairy said...

Thanks for letting me know where to get the luffas, will be doing that tomorrow.
Just reading your comment to Linda and I agree that it is hard some days to go from young stuff to adult. Tonight my eldest son rang he's 24 and youngest son 5yrs is trying to tell me about finger soccer??????????still trying to work that out.
Thanks for comment it ment alot to know that there is someone else out there, I don't know any-one else with 7 children except my M.I.L who had 10. This woman is amazing....
You said you are going back to part time work, what are you doing????