Friday, November 28, 2008

State of things here .............

Daisyson20 - is in hospital, he had a cat scan last night and may need an operation to clear his very infected sinuses - he went in yesterday - truly the day from hell........had to leave the lunch I organised for the new prep parents for next year early, got him to hospital, arranged for someone to collect daisyboy7 from bus, take him home and then take him to school concert, where daisydad met him with orange shirt that I had to buy yesterday (Year 2 had to wear orange - tried to buy an orange shirt this summer??????????????) Daisyson21 came home early to be here for daisygirl and dasiyson12 to get off bus, left them and went and did stuff he had to do because he picks up his new car today. Called and organised for someone to collect daisyson12 and take him to the year 7 mass and farewell supper. met with doctor at 6.35pm did I mention daisyboy4 is with me ? we arrived at the hospital at 2.30 and he was PERFECT not good, not quiet just absolutely PERFECT!! talked to doctor got daisyboy20 settled put daisyboy4 in car drove to college - rang daisyboy20s father and tell him what is going on on the way - met daisyson21 who took daisyboy4 and car seat on the rest of his errands with him - where is daisygirl????? - she is home on her own apparently washing up - arrive at mass only 5 minutes late get to stand outside - yay at least it is cool, do the supper thing remember I haven't phoned daisyson17 to tell him his brother is in hospital do that he has enough of schoolies and is ready to come home oh and he is out of money - note to self put money in his account tommorow on the way to dropping off patterns, before I pick up daisygirl and her friends oh wait can't do that going straight to hospital, note to self message daisygirls friends and make sure they have an alternative way of getting home, remember client who didn't show up this morning is coming tomorrow at 8am note to self get friend to collect daisyboy7 for school in the morning - oh pack patterns to deliver to quilt shop! On the way home stop and get groceries daisyboy12 is off to Wetn Wild tomorrow buy ham etc for good lunch, finally get home daisyboy4 passed out on the couch, daisyboy7 wants to show me the orange shirt fits and the flashing hats I ordered three weeks ago have arrived for the concert so everyone has a flashing santa hat on - make sandwich pour wine, daisydad in bad mood loads of work coming in (boo bloody hoo)



Ngaire said...

Oh dear. I hope that things get better that daisyson is ok.

Cabbage Heart said...

Oh Daisymum! Crackers to a muddle day! How on earth you coped is beyond me...then again... us big families just DO dont we. (Like we have a choice) Its just the end of the year muddle, we all have to cope with the same muddle sometime or another. Hope all Daisy children can read this post one day when they have children of their own and think how lucky they are to have a mum like you.

Putting on anntenna and sending you energy vibes.

joolzmac said...

Dear DaisyMum
Phew, what a day you had! Hope everything is going okay for DaisySon20. A glitch in the well oiled machine of life (such as an illness) throws you out of whack pretty quick, doesn't it. But we manage, we all get in there and 'do' what needs to be done. Sounds like your family all rallied round and helped where they could.
Same thing happened to me in Dec. 06. Hubby's dad became ill very quickly, was hospitalised and passed away 1 week later. We were in the final week of school with masses, concerts, shared teas and to top it off we were having a new accounting system installed at our dealership so I didn't know if I was arthur or martha at work or at home! We had to farewell him in Adelaide where he passed away, then organise a funeral, still go to work and it was great that family rallied around and took the kids to things, made us meals etc.
The family network is a wonderful thing in a small town.

Hope things settle down for you soon,

Cheers - Joolz

jacqui jones said...

oh dear
i have no idea how u keep track of all that
i hope daisy son is ok today

Tracey McBride said...

Dear DaisyMum, You are an amazement to me. What a crazy day for you...a juggling act and emotional roller coaster to be sure! Yet your humor and good sense shine through. You are a pleasure to know. The next time I have a braided day like that (and I've had my share :) I will think of you and offer up a prayer for all the blessed souls who have been charged with the care of others. Wishing you a few days of quiet and peace to balance out the other. Good thoughts to you and yours.
P.S.Prayers to Daisyson20 for perfect healing. My brother had the sinus surgery last year and he's so happy he did, his constant infections have all but ceased. xo

Lyn said...

That was a day and a half! I found your blog through Bron's (Cacatua) and am enjoying it very much. Hope things have settled down a bit for you today.
xx Lyn

Niki :-) said...

You’re invited to my ‘Last Push’ Quilt-a-thon! Stop by my quilt blog for more details, grab the button, and spread the word! We’ll see you on the 13th for all the awesome progress. Remember, post pics, and blog about it, so we can all share in the fun! Quilty Hugs!

Caroline said...

Hope every thing goes well for you today it's such a stressful time when things go wrong with kids. I had some free time last week & was going to give you a call then we got sick that was the end of that have to work extra hard to catch up now. Forget the coffee we need wine!!

The Vintage Rose said...

Daisymum, so glad the others in the family pitched in to help, I pray Daisyson20 is recovering well and that you are able to catch your breath and have moments of peace to sustain you through the both blessed and frantic season, year end!