Friday, November 7, 2008

The Friday Report

State of the Nation here at Daisy Mountain:

Verandah still a mess

Sewing room ditto

Vegetable garden needs some manure and weeding

Floors done

Kitchen clean

Christmas Cake - hmm fruit still brewing (what does mascerating mean anyway??????????) May get into oven today

Dinner sorted

Afternoon tea - almost cooked

Washing done

Ironing ?? Piling up nicely thank you

Sewing - heaps

Shopping - done (including gifts for the various charity hampers and more manure for the veges)

Spring Cleaning job of the week - our bedroom - not started yet

Confidence I will get something other than scooting aournd on the computer done today?? Not high

You may have guessed I don't feel terribly inspired or motivated to do anything today I would like to hang out and just watch videos with daisyboy4 but as he is watching a 20 year old Thomas the Tank Engine video that I have quite literally seen a MILLION times - who said video cassettes don't last forever????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I think that might be the push I need to chase me outside and into some work.

have a wonderful weekend



joolzmac said...

Hello DaisyMum

Just found your blog thru Rhonda Jeans comment page. She's going thru a bit at the moment, isn't she?

Will keep visiting to see what you & Co are up to. I've only read this post so far.

Cheers - Joolz, SA

daisymum7 said...

Welcome to Daisy Mountain Joolzmac! yeah there is something in the air in blogland this week there have been some heated debates everywhere you go.


Stewart said...

I don't konw about you but this heat and humidity slows me down a fair bit.

The Tin House said...

Daisy, I can beat you on the Thomas video. Seb is (right now) watching a Goodies video that I taped off the tv in the mid 1980's. It's the ecky thump one and he's laughing hysterically.

SIL is going pretty well, although still hasn't got her balance back to normal. I think the whole affair really knocked her for six (as you'd expect) and it will take a lot longer than SHE expects, before she's really back to normal.

Lisa x

The Tin House said...

I'd swap in a heartbeat, if it wasn't for the potential for a coup de tat in this household.

Mind you, I've successfully hidden the old fireman sam video that was copping a hiding a few months ago. I'm hoping no one will notice it's missing!

Lisa x

suzan said...

Oh DaisyMum, it really sound like you have done plenty for today. Some days we only have energy for what actually HAS to happen that day. And that will have to be enough! I've come over to check out your section of Blogland and to thank you for checking out mine. I"ll come back to see if you've done any of the natural dyeing you've mentioned:) (whenever you have ANY time)

Caroline said...

Glad you have done the important stuff dinner & afternoon tea & left stuff like ironing. I always always leave the ironing & dust bunnies.

Hill upon Hill said...

I love the hum of your household. Our videos are in fine form too.