Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blessings from above and Australia Post...

Our Dam is FULL it overflowed sometime early this morning after the third storm went through. We had 80mm last night and about 250 for the month so far. The water now stretches some 27metres length wise and about 19 m in width. So swimming tomorrow on the hot day they predict will be fabulous and so fresh the dam hasn't had a good flush out or about four years.

Yesterday I found this waiting at the Post Office for me!!
It is my diary swap package from Ngaire that "I too am addicted to scrap" organised.
I opened the lid and there were two parcels!!
One wrapped in gorgeous duck egg green paper with a beautiful almost lithographic print of birds and postmarks in red - and big red
The other in pink with flocked black flowers on it - this paper felt great really thick and the flowers were raised and felty.
Inside the pink package was............
a cannister of bath salts in Strawberry and Cream scent - and it smells just like that sounds!!!
And a little notebook that I have decided will be my saying notebook for when I think of a good saying to
add to one of my stitchery patterns and I need somewhere to write it down and keep it safe.
The big package had two more gifts....
My Diary on the right all dressed up in Amy Butler fabric with Ric Rac - I love Ric Rac. I also love the fact that it is week to an opening it is a great size just big enough not to get lost too often in my sewing room and small enough to pop into one of my handbags and take it with me.
The other soft pink folder opened to reveal this little surprise.....
three pockets................
Filled with hand made gift tags and cards and envelopes!!!
I sent Ngaire an email yesterday to thank her for all these wonderful gifts, in it I said "I don't do paper" - I am not a paper person I love the look and feel of hand made cards and I buy them all the time to send for thank yous and birthdays etc. But when it comes to scrapbooking and card making it is not something I have ever gotten into. I adore fabric and how it feels and the possibilities and I have quite enough trouble keeping all the scraps from that in order and using them imagine what I would be like with paper and then there are the cutters, scissors, little beady things etc etc etc...!!!
Ngaire I cannot find words to adequately express my sincere appreciation for this lovely package. I am not sure if you chose these fabrics becasue you liked them or becasue they were what you had on hand or perhaps you had an insight into me but they are absolutely me - they scream me - my favourite colours have always been pink and green and pink and yellow - in all their variations from dirty mustards, olives and raspberrys to lolly pink, mint and lemon and here in this package I have them all.
I am so touched by your generosity and the beautiful work you do - thank you so so much - you made my day!! I will think of you everytime I sit down and juggle my time with my diary and whenever I choose one of your cards to write a message in for a friend.


Stewart said...

Glad to hear about your dam, I wish I had one in my back yard. No, hang on, I wish I had a backyard big enough for a dam:-)

Cabbage Heart said...

How beautiful was that downpour last night? It was consistent here from 9pm - 4am.
Nature certainly let us know its fury with climate change.
Just dont mind the vision of 2 little boys climbing up my back in my bed with each and every loud clash of thunder and the many buckets and pots and towels catching rain coming in through the ceiling at 4 different places .... it was spectacular! The creek out the back has flooded and Im flooded in and cant go anywhere but who was desperately needed rain and it was a beautiful show!!! So glad your dam benefitted too!

daisymum7 said...

I am so pathetic I just love our dam we extended an old one that was here it was a little, weird thing that never really held water well and for the princely sum of about $2000 we got a dozer in and between me hanging off the side and directing and his expertise in soil we built this in a day.

I don't think a day goes by when I don't go and look at the dam, or sit near it or swim in it. Somehow it has made this whole block a more tranquil place.

I love the way when I wake up in the morning I can see the reflection of the water glistening on the wall or the ceiling (depending on the season).

Some backyards I have seen this morning are dams Stewart don't give up hope!LOL

Cabbage Heart - I was actually thinking about you at 1am this morning wondering how you were faring with the rain.


jacqui jones said...

oh my god wow
im so glad you love your swap
its the first one i have seen
it looks fabbo
im still working on mine..:)

woohoo look at all that water
we had 20mls over night

Linda said...

We haven't had a lot of rain.

You have been tagged for a meme. Details on my blog.

The Old Dairy said...

It is so good to know there are other people out there that get excited about full dams and being flooded in.There is another storm building up by the looks of things.
I havn't yet thanked you for my award soooooooo THANKYOU...
I love the picture of your dam with the boggie boards in it, speaks volumes .....

Ngaire said...

I am so happy that you like the things I sent you! I had to get my mum to help me with the sewing so I cant take all of the credit!
Playing with paper and glue and all the other pretty things is my creative outlet and it gives me great pleasure when the things that I create give other people pleasure!

Even though the storms are causing havoc it is good to hear that there is rain falling somewhere in the country. We have had a little bit but we need much more.

Linda said...

I have an award for you as well!

The Vintage Rose said...

What a lovely srprise in the mail AND water for the dam too!