Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All sewn up ...but more to do

Here are some photos of the sewing I finally got to do on Sunday despite promising for days that I was in fact off to sew. I have had a lot of work sewing come in so that always has to take priority. Anyway Sunday was the day and this is what I got done....

One pair of pyjama pants for me and one pair of fishermans pants for me!! I love these you can make them out of really fine material because the top half folds over and if you make it just the right length can cover you bum and any sign of undies!!!!! plus they are super cool and comfortable. These white ones are made from white calico so they soften up beautifully once you wear them.

Daisyboy7 asked for a new pencil case as his had a broken zip, this fun holden fabric, with Australian state maps in the background, is on one side and the other is some dreadful bright red monster truck fabric but he loves it and I have instructions that four of his classmates want one for Christmas or their next birthdays from him!

Daisygirl got three pairs of new pyjama pants the photo was her doing so forgive the focus but the ones with the red frill were made out of left overs from my pair. I have bought three white singlets (boy ones) and hemmed them shorter and taken the arms up and one I am putting a red frill on, and these will be her new pjs for summer.
And finally I finished another one of the block of the month blocks I think I am now only five behind!! But this one seemed like the perfect one to finish this week. Of course it looks weird because I haven't done any of the hand stitching yet - that I will do when all the blocks are together and the applique is done. So this looks weird but it will be an ant holding up a cupcake.(once I do the legs !).
And I made a start on a gorgeous Melly and Me pattern for FIDO the dog for daisyboy4 - it was the bribe I purchased at the Gees Bend quilt show a few weeks ago, he really wanted the giraffe but they didn't have that pattern there so it was the dog. I will show you that in a day or so when it is done.
Today we went off to a Melbourne Cup function in the village. I am so very lucky to live in this community with these gorgeous people I had a lovely time, and was able to get to know a couple of people better and catch up with some old friends what a wonderful way to spend the day. Daisyboy4 played with the daughter of a friend of mine (also 4) and they had a lovely time being the only two kids in the place!!!
I hope everyone has the chance this week to spend some time with people you love ( who you aren't related to!!) or just have the time to cherish your friendships.
PS: the verandah is still a mess!!!!!

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The Old Dairy said...

Boy o boy you have been busy....You made fishermans pants..
I always wait till I go to the coast and stock up on a few pairs till last me the year...Who makes the patterns??
I brought the sweetest nighties patterns while at Sons I am putting them on tomorrows post, I can't wait to make them< but the list is getting longer and time is a runin out.....