Monday, November 10, 2008


As predicted Thomas the Tank Engine drove me from the office Friday and out on to the verandah where I tidied and washed windows!!!

I also managed to get the Christmas Cake cooked because last week the piezo ignition on our stove died and while I am waiting for electrician son to look at it - I have to bake everything in the BBQ. I can light the stove top but not the oven. So because the BBQ won't stay at 150 degrees I need to be around to open the lid when it gets too hot - so while I was doing that I cleaned.

Yesterday was pretty much a perfect day for me. After Church we had a cooked breakfast then I got to go and play in my sewing room all day.
I had to quilt that quilt my sister had given me to do for her granddaughter so yesterday was the day armed with all the quilt essentials, pin cushion, coffee and carefully measured out amount of smarties I set to work.
I sat down at the machine at 10.15 and apart from getting up to iron I stayed at the machine until 5.30!!!

Daisygirl bought me tea and a sandwich at some stage but it was a misty almost rainy day and it was lovely to just sit and sew. I had been thinking about how to quilt the quilt since she gave it to me - I always like to really think about how I am going to do something before I start so once I do I can just go until it is done.

So here is a really flattering shot of my fat arm, the gorgeous quilt and my trusty sewing machine.

A word about Smarties - I am not normally a lolly person frankly I can take them or leave them most of the time but when I machine quilt I will often have a little bowl of something I don't normally have - it is a treat. And when the kids come in an invariably chat to me I have something to pop in their mouth to keep them quiet!!LOL

Here is some of the quilting detail.
One of the reasons I was able to sit so long at the machine was that a few days ago a lady from my patchwork group offered me her old sewing chair, it hurt her back so she bought a new one and asked if I would like hers. I had been using an old office chair (wooden base, wooden arms) that I rescued from the trash and treasure shed at the dump. Well I was going to keep my old chair and put the new one at one of the industrial mahcines so I didn't have to wheel up and down the length of the sewing room. One sit in the new chair and I despatched the old one to the trash and treasure shed!! I can't believe what a huge difference a chair makes.
All I have left to finish on it now is the binding a little bit of hand quilting. So sister dear if you are reading this I hope you like what I have done so far.
Have a wonderful Monday
PS: and just to keep it real the sewing room is officially a bomb fact it is so bad that I won't even show you a photo of it. And you've seem my thistles!!!!LOL


jacqui jones said...

loving that quilt..:)

ooer a good chair, mine is falling to bits, but because i now wouldnt spend the cash on a really good chair again my poor old tatted good office chair is still perfect to sit in for hours.

Kirsty said...

That quilt looks stunning! Good tip about the lollies for keeping little visitors mouths closed LOL

suzan said...

What kind of a Christmas cake do you make? Is it a fruit cake type of thing that has to be basted with rum?

daisymum7 said...

Jacqui she did a great job hey. I willpost a photo of the whole thing once the brithday is over - not sure who ahs seen how much of it yet so don't want to spoil the surprise.

Kirsty - sometimes you just need a bribe - like If you go away for an hour I will give you another lolly when you get back!!LOL

Suzan - yes you soak a cvariety of dried fruits in juice and booze for about a onth add the flours and spices, eggs and butter adn bake slowly for a few hours.


GRANNY said...

This is a fantastic quilt. Hope to see some more of it and what your doing with it.