Thursday, November 6, 2008

My real Thursday post.

I was just over at Rhondas and I saw that she had posted a piece about time management. Sometimes I feel like I do everyting in bursts. But I do have my routines... this is atypical at home day - sometimes daisyboy 7 gets picked up or bought home from school so that saves one trip a day.

4.30 - 5am get up make the bed (assuming daisydad has left for his run) get dressed

5.15am - hot water and lemon with my diary, school notes, bills

5.40ish - turn washing machine on -daisyboy7 awake chase him off to get dressed for school, make his bed, get packed etc.

5.50 - daisydad back from his run - wake daisygirl - start making lunches

6am - wake daisyboy12 - get breakfast things organised

6.15am - daisyboy4 awake and off to the chickens with daisydad

6.20 am - breakfast is served to daisyboy12, daisyboy7,daisyboy4 and daisygirl

6.30am - cup of tea with daisydad, breakfast - sometimes catch up with tv news

6.45am daisydad, daisygirl, daisyboy12 off to school - check emails and reply - check in with blog maybe post

7am - wake daisyson17 if not already awake, feed said son get dasiyboy4 dressed for the day, listen to daisyboy7's reading book, hang out a load of washing and put machine on again!!

7.25am daisyson17 off to bus stop

7.25 - 7.45 computer time, or sweep, mop floors

7.45am - clean kitchen

7.55am - leave to take daisyboy7 to school

8.30am - shop for fruit and veges if I need to or anything for dinner, post office to collect mail

9.10am - home again, dust, throw out old flowers, start sewing if I have work sewing to do, clean the house, bake

10.30am daisyboy4 and I have morning tea

11am - 11.30 ish - get dinner ready for tonight

12.30 - daisyboy4 and I have lunch

2.25pm - daisyboy4 and I back in car and off to collect daisyboy7 from bus in the village

3.10pm - home again, afternoon tea, homework checking, washing in

3.30 - daisyson21 home - quick chat about his day etc.

3.45pm daisyson 20 home quick hi to him and chat

4.ish - outisde time - planting in the vegtable garden - weeding, planning etc.

4.45pm - dasiyson17, daisyboy12 and daisygirl off the bus - afternoon tea chat etc while I fold washing,

5.15 - iron in front of the early news, chase children off to bath (well I start now they get in about 30 minutes later!), get them to put thier folded/ironed clothes away

6.30 - dinner

7pm - read to dasiyboy4 and daisyboy7, or play go fish, or watch some tv.

7.30pm - bed time for kids.

7.45pm - peace at last!!! check whoever has done kitchen has done it properly(or in daisyson20 case that he has done it at all!!), sweep again, load washing machine. make sure folded/ironed clothes are put into kids rooms or baskets in the laundry.

8.30 tv time if there is anything on, otherwise read a book, sewing

9.30 lights out for me.

This is a perfect day for me - and obviously I don't have perfect days that often so my new schedule is to try to have at least, three of these at home days a week. But the last two weeks that hasn't happened. Oh well next week maybe!!
I would love to hear how you guys organise your days or do they just happen??


Linda said...

A good oldfashioned bus route. Mine got home when I was in the early years of high school at 5pm, I left at 7.30, or before to catch it.

The kids here get out of school early 3:15 and at our new house which is over 1/2 hour drive get in at 4pm. So early. They leave at 8am.

My home on the farm when little was half an hour too.

jacqui jones said...

oh how i wish i was that organised!! we r only getting up at 7ish! and even then i have to be coaxed out with the lure of fresh coffee coming out of the machine. so not morning people around here.
basically i do house stuff until lunch time...all the houseworky stuff, baking etc...and then spend the remainder of the day with the kids...whatever it is we r doing, we have spent lots of time outside since we moved.
night time i sew, craft, scrapbook whatever i have to do

Linda said...

Your days are a little like the large families I saw over 6 years ago on Channel 9. Did you ever see them? There was a lady in Tasmania who took the kids grocery shopping. Another who have her shopping list printed in a magazine.