Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday cleanup...

Well the last few days have been busy. Daisyson7's school is still closed today but hopefully we will be back tomorrow. It has just rained and rained here all night the dam is filling and filling it should overflow in the storm that is predicted for his afternoon which will be great it needs a good flush out. The world is weird here at the moment the colours aren't the same in this strange rainy light..

The top photo is the dam two weeks ago and the bottom one about two minutes ago......
For an idea of far it has come up look at the base of the gum tree.

Yesterday I went to the launch of the ACRATH Stop Human Trafficking website. This is an interactive resource for everyone to access, and is a SAFE site for teenagers to access appropriate information, it has all kinds of information on slavery and human trafficking - yes even here in Australia. There is a survey they are running to see how much people know about human trafficking so if you have the time click the badge on the sidebar and it will take you there.

This is something I am quite passionate about it ties in with how I bring up my children and how I was bought up. When you value the work that you do and the rewards or payment you get from that work then it is a much easier step to respect that others have the right to reap apporpriate rewards for their work( there is a link from the ACRATH website to one that tells about which companies use "slave" labour to produce their goods). When you instil in your children that you must work for the things you wish to purchase, that it isn't a right or having the money it is easier to explain to them that not everything and therefore not ANYBODY is for sale.

When we bring our children up to have respect for themselves and their families they gain a respect for others and their families. Once the sanctity of the family is established in a child's mind (no matter what form that family takes or how it comes about) the concept of a safe place is firmly entrenched in their hearts from there it is hard to imagine taking someone by force or against their will from their safe place.

This is what I believe and why I do the things I do here in my family.


Whilst at this launch I got to speak to a man who has just launched a green website - I have only briefly looked at it, but it seems to be a place where we all might find something positive, helpful or insightful for out own green journeys.

It is called - check it out. I regaled him about all of you and the things you all do , so he may very well visit your blogs as well.

A RAINBOW ONE...........

I was trying to think of something I could do for the people whose homes have been trashed by the storm here on Sunday night. If any of you have been through a cyclone think that kind of damage...the last time I saw damage like this was in 1985 when a huge storm hit Brisbane.

I have taken a cake down to the SES volunteer station and some homemade quiche. And I think I will wait a week or two and then plant some seeds once I get them going I will just drop them off to a street so that they can plant them out I figure it will take six weeks before anyone will be in the postion to do that so it may be too hot I might wait until say February and then take them. Who knows someone who hasn't ever had a vegetable garden before may start one, and for someone who lost one it might be helpful. What do you think???

A BRIGHT ONE.................
By the time the sun comes out in a day or so I will have all the pyjama pants I have started for the kids finished and some more for me and a diary covered for a swap and my secret santa gift finished. So I should have a lot of great photos to show you all of my efforts.

Have a terrific day whereever you are.....and if there are storms predicted make sure you pack away all those loose garden things, have batteries, water and something ready to heat up on BBQ for dinner!!!!!!!!!!


Cabbage Heart said...

am loving this blog daisy...

SuperGreenMe said...

Hi All!

What a great blog, awesome design. It is obvious a lot of love goes into it!

My name is David Toomey, I am the founder of

I had the pleasure of meeting the author of this blog, DaisyMum, yesterday.

It was great to hear about the blog, and the others which I will visit later today:

Towards sustainability
down to earth blog
Green frugal co-op
the greening of gavin

My goal for SuperGreenMe is to gather all going green ideas in the one place so those who need information have a large resource to use.

So I my offer to you is; Sign up, create a member profile, talk about your blog in your profile, and link to it! This way you can create some presence in the SuperGreenMe community and create awareness (visitors to your blogs) about the great information you have on your blogs.

Also, if you have any feedback for me with regards to SuperGreenMe it would be much appreciated!

Here is the page on SuperGreenMe which tells you how to take full advantage of our offering to YOU!

Yours in all things green,

SuperGreenMe said...

Oh, and one more thing...

Thanks for mentioning SuperGreenMe in your latest post!!


joolzmac said...

Hi DaisyMum

i love your idea of gifting seedlings to the people who have had storms in their area. A lovely 'green' idea and so thoughtful. And I am sure the SES truly appreciated your cake and quiche. They are the heros in these situations.

..Just got your 'vent' re Daisyson17. {giggles) K17 put her Uni applications in on time but her Accomodation apps went in a bit late and she has so far missed out on a place at St. Ann's College which is a residential college and the only place she wants to go. She is on the waiting list there and we haven't heard back from St. Marks. She had a predicted T.E.R. (Teriary Entrance Rank) of around 90.5 but we will have to wait and see.
She is giving me the absolute willies at the moment - she is going to 'Schoolies' at Victor Harbour SA this weekend, after her Grad night. She wants to take a full length mirror with her... 4 kids in a Falcon Wagon, a 4 man tent, esky, their clothes, food etc and a BLOODY full length mirror!!!!!!!She's had all week to get ready for Saturday but has left everything to the last minute! AAAAGH!

...Ooh, I feel so much better now (smiles)!

Cheers - Joolz

daisymum7 said...

Cabbage heart welcome welcome welcome.

David Thanks for the invitation you should take the time (when you have some) to check out all the blogs that link in here we are starting our own little revolution - treading more lightly on the planet - being kinder to ourselves and finding real joy in the simple things.

Joolz - I laughed so loud when I read that comment - a full length mirror that is gorgeous!! Mine is off to the Gold Coast worry worry but he is a good kid so things will be fine.

Another storm rocketing through the dsaddle of the mountain so must get off the computer


Tracey McBride said...

Good Morning Daisy Mum! As always, your blog is very thought provoking and interesting to read! I will definitely look into the sites you recommend...I am a very firm believer in being allowed to keep the fruits of our own well as the freedom to choose the labor we do (and not harming another in the process).
My prayers are with your community regarding the rains and floods...we had our own set of troubles out here this weekend...what with all the fires. Luckily for us, we weren't directly affected, but we do know the areas well and some of them were very populated. I think I'll borrow a page from your book and see what I can do to help.
More soon DaisyMum7 (I do love your name :).