Monday, December 1, 2008

Countdown to Christmas...........

Despite the spanners that the universe is throwing at me at them moment or perhaps because of them I am Counting down to Christmas. Not in a panicked way or a hassled way but in a how can I plan and make this next threeish weeks joyful, stressless and memorable.

So over on Jacqui's blog "I too am addicted to scrap"she has the best Advent Calendar idea I have ever seen - check it out.

As today is December 1st and I have not even made an advent calendar my December 1st is:

to make an advent Calendar and the little instruction for the day will be PLAN.

PLAN - what I still have to make - easy refer to last weeks list and then some

- what I have to buy - a turkey, maybe a ham, some champers.

- what I plan to give - pressies for the kids only limited shopping done so far but I need a list

- what I have already got - hunt out the pressie hiding places and clear them so that book I have had for five years now finally gets in someones stocking!!

- what we will do - invite for neighbour dirnks in paddock

- Christmas Cleaning not as boring as it sounds

- Christmas shopping trips for just dad and I (like the booze shopping with careful planning we could do that and have a quick dinner out without the daisies!!

- an outing to town to see the Christmas windows - remind self to ask The Old Dairy if Tba has some good ones could combine that with a visit to my sister

- an outing to see the Christmas lights - put that on the day we have a birthday party at fast food restaurant on December 16th - birthday party, visit to grandma and grandad and Christmas lights on the way home.

I love Christmas all the traditions , and the time we spend together this last week I lost sight of that but thanks to Jacqui, Mandy's up beat holiday post ( I feel the same way) and a post from the Vision Splendid that I read this morning on the seven steps to a simple Christmas I am back in the mood - be prepared for Christmas trivia folks

Todays Christmas trivia: The twelve days of Christmas refers to the period from Christmas Eve until the feast of the Epiphany on January 6th. Traditionally from the first Sunday in Advent (yesterday for those whose spirituality doesn't include church or mass) you decorate your home with candles, decorations and prepare food so that on Christmas Eve the culimination is a feast and the putting up of the Christmas Tree the crowning glory of the four weeks preparation. The tree then stays up until the feast of the Epiphany January 6th - 12 days.

Christmas Fun: I have a friend who keeps her Christmas Tree decorated all year round no fabric just plastic decorations and outdoor fairy lights. Each year she puts it in the roof space for storage - all set up - and then on December first they take it out and HOSE it clean - dry it and then put it back in the lounge wonders.......

Okay off to make that Advent Calendar before I go off to work, I will visit daisyson20 this afternoon after his operation and so I will have some time to get some sewing done then.
Welcome to all the new readers hope you enjoy you r time herre at Daisy Mountain.


Lyn said...

daisymum, I've been spending some time planning Christmas, too. It's amazing how you can forget about all the things you've bought and stashed away, isn't it? I hauled out all my Christmas cards and put them together in one box this morning, and one of today's tasks is to write at least some of them. We put our tree up on December 1st, so that's the task when my daughter gets home from school today. Hope your next few weeks are peaceful and full of joy.

Anonymous said...

I always forget you're a day ahead of me. It's weird thinking that December has started.
It really sounds like some nice things you have going on for the holidays.
hope Daisyson is doing better


P.S. I'm signing this anonymous, but I'm hoping from the phrase "day ahead," you'll figure out that it's someone very far away who has you in prayers.

Out Back said...

Yes, it is time to do things in preparation for Christmas. I usually put our tree up on the weekend after my birthday, which is today. Thankyou for explaining the twelve days of Christmas.

I am going to read A Vision Splendid's Christmas tips now.

Have a great day and I do hope your son is doing okay.

Caroline said...

Thinking of you today & hoping your sons op goes well. Your mind must be very busy today so hoping you are able to have a relaxing evening.

Cabbage Heart said...

Keep your chin up! All will be well. Sending lots of love and warm hug vibes your way.

jacqui jones said...

oh thanks

i got my package today
and what can i say...we were speechless...everything looks fantastic, i cant wait to stuff hobbyfill into the horse heads
and mydiary looks so pretty.

Kim said...

I've got my list almost done. I'm hoping to get most of the stuff done this week . I don't want to have that panicked push the day before lol. How is Daisyson doing?

Tracey McBride said...

Dear DaisyMum,
Thank you for a great post (as usual). Love your table...your Christmas "Potential Accomplishments" list...and especially loved the Christmas trivia/history! Thanks so much for your posts, despite your busy life. Prayers and good thoughts to you and yours for a perfect season of peace and joy.