Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday - back to the vegetables....

Apart from a few lettuce and tomatoes and herbs planted in between everything else in my cottage type garden I haven't been much of a vegetable gardener.

When I started last year in a proper dedicated vegetable bed I grew lettuce, silverbeet, tomatoes, beans, snow peas, rosellas and eggplant.

One of the eggplant bushes came up again so I left it and this is the result, little eggplant!!!! I posted a photo a few weeks ago about one that looked gorgeous tasted divine but was really really little..well they are all really little. The big yellow things are what they look like if you leave them on the bush in the hope they get bigger...they don't they just go yellow.

So a few questions, is the soil lacking something? (although the leaves look really healthy and it is still flowering)Or does this always happen to two year old plants??

Can I eat the yellow ones or should I give them to the chickens??

Has anyone got a good recipe for marinated eggplant?


PS: The little yellow zucchinins would get bigger if I left them but I like them little and crunchy I just blanch them really quickly and toss them through a salad - a bit like asparagus.


The Old Dairy said...

How did the graduaion go?
I must say I have never seen eggplants go yellow! I am interested to find out why they did though.

jacqui jones said...

oh wow i have no idea about eggplant
but if they r tasty i say go with it

could it be because it was in the small place two seasons running??

jacqui jones said...

same even!!

Stewart said...

There old. Eggplant should be picked when it's shiny and purple.

Cabbage Heart said...

Hey Daisymum, yes they are old... thats all thats wrong, they may taste very bitter yellow, personally I would let the chooks feast on them.

Oh by the way... TAG YOUR IT!!!

daisymum7 said...

Okay so yellow eggplants to the chooks thanks guys

Graduation went really well, long day, late night and early start Saturday.....

Jacqui yeah I think that is why