Monday, November 24, 2008

Okay okay i'm it.....

I am a bit slack picking up awards and things as my time this week is very limited so please don't think I don't appreciate them I just don't have the time to do anything about them yet but I will I promise.

However Cabbage Heart has tagged me to write 6 things I am happy about and then nominate some other to do the same:


1: I am happy I am married to the greatest guy I have ever met. We started dating at 15 and after a 17 year break we reconnected so I feel very blessed.

2: My children - this week I have one buying a brand new car because he works so hard is so responsible. One who is sick and needs his mum to look after him even though he is grown up. One at schoolies who I pray is doing the right thing but I am confident in the way he was raised so I am sure he will be fine. One who is in her last week of a very very long first year of high school. One who is in his last week of primary school, one looking forward to free dress and mission day tomorrow (cancelled due to storm damage last Monday) and one who decided today that he wants too many things for Christmas so he will let "santa" decide what he should have.

3: I am happy in my work and that my little Saurday job will turn into a three day a week job next year so i can still have my family, my home, garden and some money coming in.

4: I am happy that I have wonderful friends who keep in contact with me and support me no matter what I do and who love me enough to be honest and give me a lecture if they need to - then we can have a laugh and a glass of wine together

5: I am happy I have some time to sew and some time to work and some time to volunteer and that at least for the moment I seem to have all that in balance

6: I am happy blessed and joyful being at home and being a mum, treading lightly on our earth by creating, growing and recycling, repurposing and reusing. Taking pleasure in the little things, the simple things and knowing they are important to me and that really when it is all said and done that is all that counts.

So I tag (when you have time)

mandy from the old Dairy
caroline at the simple things
Tracey from Frugal luxuries



Cabbage Heart said...

Love it!!!! Love it!!!!! Love it!!!!

The Old Dairy said...

You are game tagging me as I havn't even posted my award from you yet lol.
Nearly school holidays then things will slow right down..........come on Friday.
Now gotta go and find 6 things I am happy about.....just kidding

Tracey McBride said...

Dearest DaisyMum7...This is even better than my major "confess to mess" award! I thank you for yet another generous gift :) !!
Blessings and warm thoughts from Traceyxo

P.S. Now I have my first tag...also from you, sweet DaisyMum7!!!