Friday, November 21, 2008

Glass half full weekend...


I was awol this morning from blogland because we had to go to daisyson17's graduation mass and parade. Then tonight we are off all dressed up to the graduation dinner.

It is a strange day we are only half way through our boys going to this college three more to go!!we finish in 2021..... and then there is daisygirl and her high school journey she will graduate in four more years.

Daisyson has loved school, at the end of mass we got to walk down to the morning tea through the school grounds with the students and teachers from the school lining the way. So many spoke or called out to him it is a lovely thing to see.

One of the nicest things was his new girlfriend came with us, she is a lovely, lovely girl and I hope she will be around for a long time as they seem to have fun and have a lot in common.


On cue this morning the sun came out and we were blessed with a beautiful day.

The SES, army, council and volunteer workers are still plugging away trying to clear as much as they can before the next round of storms comes - sometime tomorrow afternoon they are predicting. Say little prayer for them or if that isn't your thing then offer a wish to the universe to smile kindly on their efforts and their generosity, or perhaps be safe in the knwoledge that kharma will bring them all good fortune for their toil. However you do it - think of them.

Which brings me to another theme for today....Someone I know through one of my children asked me what the cakes in the car were I told her I had cooked some cakes for the SES guys and she looked at me really blankly, and then asked why?

So I answered because they are doing a wonderful job and it is my way of showing appreciation -

then she asked "was your place damaged?"


blank look - "then why cook for them?"

So I answered because they were hungry and got in the car and left.

Today at the Mass Fr Jim's sermon was about meeting people who never look outward he said something like "for some reason they have turned in on themselves". Instantly I thought of this person - and there was my answer she was so busy worrying about her new shoes and her daughters new curtains that she never looked outward.

So Glass half full weekend is about looking outwards and upwards and don't have to do anything just look outside yourself, and try to find the silver lining every time.

Have a wonderful weekend



Cabbage Heart said...

You little cherub! Baking the boys and girls a batch of yummies. Good on you! Love your attitude.

Caroline said...

I think we should all be thankful many of these people have left their own damaged homes & loved ones to help others, such a kind unselfish act specially the volunters as this truly comes from the goodness of their hearts.

Another excellent post daisymum I applaud your posts for getting the "word out" over many topics.

Congrat's on behalf of our family to yours on DS's graduation may his future path run straight,safe & strong. With a mother like you he could only be a well rounded, compassionate,educated young man.Bless you.

Have a lovely dinner t/night & a great w/end. My blogging has been patchy this week & haven't been able to do the posts I want due to time (work) Hopefully back in action next week. Hugs Caroline

The Old Dairy said...

You inspire me daisymum, you see a need and you meet it. No thinking about it just get in and do it.Thank you for a wonderfull insightful post.
Blessings to your young man on this very special night. goodness I havn't thought about that,how many more packed lunches and school concert is that lol

Tracey McBride said...

Oh DaisyMum7...your blog gave me goosebumps. I read once that the Sunday sermon is like God's secret message to His followers. Your story reminded me a little of that--but it seems that you're getting the messages ahead of time! You are such an inspiration. As always, thank you for sharing.

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is such a lovely thing to do, "just because"........

Gill in Canada

jacqui jones said...

i bet those cakes were enjoyed

congrats to daisyson on finishing school...a huge achievement