Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Storm of the Season

Hi everyone

Really quickly we have been without power for almost a day (Yay me Rhonda bet I win the saving power race!!)

We are all okay not any damage here but daisyson7's school closed and am helping with that clean up. Have a constant stream of friends popping in to shower (no power - no water when you are on tank) and to check out the news and grab some dinner.

Dam has gone up by over 2 metres (it is 25m long and 18m wide) still raining here now.

Will try to post some photos later in the week for now pray for all those who weren't as lucky as we were and that the storm predicted for tomorrow is kind and just dumps water, not more hail or wind.

On the up side - I was sitting in the dark on Sudnay night reading my book by candelight and thinking this isn't so bad we may have a few no power Sunday evenings from now on BY CHOICE!! Of course I have no idea how I could sew by candlelight. But having no power menat no washing, ironing, floor washing, so my diary swap is well under way!!! And I have loads of projects cut out.

Take care will post later in the week.



jacqui jones said...

glad u guys r ok
i hate storms like that
but good news about the dam

Caroline said...

Hope things are getting better we can all be thankful that we are all safe though. My son in the army is out working frantically to help clean things up.

The Old Dairy said...

Glad to hear you are all O.K.
It is still raining buckets full here,loving every minute of it....

Ngaire said...

Good to hear that you are ok! Stay safe!