Sunday, March 15, 2009

A whole new song...........

I posted a comment on Rhondas blog the other day saying I think I had found my rythym. Well part of the new rythym around here is cleaning the house top to bottom on a Sunday - not ideal but for this weekend at least the only time I could do it. Strange thing is we started at about 10am and it was done in less than an hour and half.

And I do mean clean cobwebs, marks on walls and doors, two bathrooms, two kitchens(one we use as a bar area), floors vacuumed and washed, dusting, polishing the furniture and cleaning out the fridge. Next week hopefully I won't have to spend Saturday driving hither and yon like I did yesterday so the clean will happen then.

Two new things have come to live at daisy mountain - one new sewing machine I will introduce you later this week and one new pet also on the agenda for this weeks post list. We have also had a very special visitor to daisy mountain.

have a wonderful Sunday


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Out Back said...

A new pet and a new sewing machine what more could one want? I look forward to the photos.

I will be starting back to nearly full time work soon and I am not looking forward to doing the housework on weekends again and trying to organise meals so that my family is not too neglected :(

Glad things are going well for you and your family.