Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little things...................

My tomato seeds have almost all come up! I see I am going to have to wear my glasses when I plant them I have way more than the three per segment I should have but I can always thin them out!! This has been the biggest success for me with seeds (aside from my nastrutiums and marigolds) for some reason food plants and I have had a rocky start but it looks like I have it right finally where the heck is my diggers order????????????
I need seeds to plant!!!!!!!!


Cathy said...

Hello DM
You are doing better than me with seedraising - I kept the potting mix companies solvent until I decided I would buy seedlings instead.
Lucky Qlders - at least you have the water up there to keep them growing.............unless you're flooded out that is!
Take care

daisymum7 said...

Hi Cathy believe me I have had disasters. I water my seeds with the water you run off while waiting for it to get hot. I ahve a bowl in my sink or basin and if I need hot water I run the cold in the lines into the bowl before it gets hot - then I put this in a watering can - on a stay home day with lots of cleaning and cooking I can amass four or fiove watering cans full just doing this (and catching the rinse water.