Friday, March 27, 2009

Strawberries, Squash and Thank yous............

Just to prove I actually have been doing something over the last few weeks here is the vegie patch.
All planted out with snow peas, yellow squash, and in the corner my pineapple top!
This Wheelbarrow became home to a punnet of Strawberries I got in exchange for doing some hems on one of my clients pants.
Now that I have closed the business, I don't feel I can take money for doing sewing jobs - (too lazy to keep track and put in the tax return) so am working on a bartering system. So far three hems equals one punnet of strawberry runners, and two punnets of capsisum seedlings - this customer has an organic no synthetic chemical garden and I have been the lucky recipient in the past of his preserved chillies - fantastic for adding to all sorts of dishes.
Finally my bean trellis yeah a bit of wire strung between the pine trees!! Maybe beans like the acidity of the pine needles either way I picked about a kilo of beans off the Purple King plants yesterday and the other beans I planted a few weeks later are fast catching up.
I am not as technical as I should be with the vegie patch I don't check the ph and all that I just add manure and dig and dig and then plant and pray!!
I am learning though and right here I want to acknowledge one of my greatest inspirations is Stewart from My Veggie Garden a great bloke who has a sense of humour and endless patience and expertise that he is willing to share in the form of email answers to questions about the vegetable garden.
There are times when a whole packets of seeds just never come up for who knows what reason and every time I think oh it is easier to buy seedlings I read one of Stewart posts and I think - one more time - and now I am having more successes than failures.
So to Stewart thank you thank you thank you.
Okay enough soppy stuff off to work have a Fantastic Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leslie said...

That is a lovely garden, I hope you have lots of veggies and fruit.
You did a great job.

Stewart said...

I'm all embarrassed now.
Thanks for the plug though and your garden is looking lovely.

I wouldn't fuss too much about the techie side of things, that's mainly so we can work out what has or is going wrong when things can or do go wrong.

Kelly said...

I've been lurking on your blog, and when I saw this post I had to groan - guess I better get my ants under control and plant my veggies.