Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Seed a Day

David Borthwick over at Productive Gardens has this challenge going to plant a seed a day every day for the whole of 2009.

I only stumbled across this challenge last week but I thought it was still a great idea, planting one seed a day as he explains keeps you in seedlings all the time something to plant out in the vegetable garden, on a regular basis so you don't have the "feast and famine" scenario that the daisy mountain vegetable plot has been over the last few years.

Anyway last week I got to planting and given that today march 10th we are 69 days into the year already I only have to catch up about 30 seeds. I placed an order with Diggers last week and the Green Harvest so things will arrive this week and get planted in the punnets I have saved from the seedlings I bought.

So far in punnets I have two varieties of tomatoes (one has started to come up the other is just bare..... In the garden I have planted seeds of golden beetroot and some miniature Kale, and seedlings of broccoli, cabbage, roma tomatoes, corn, eggplant, yellow zucchinis, snow peas and the purple king beans I planted are now up and racing up the trellis and the other beans (can't remember what they are but they are green) are starting to poke thier heads up as well. And I planted out a kilo of coliban potatoes and am anxiously waiting for the others I ordered to arrive.

All the new seeds will probably get planted out into the new garden we are building in the orchard paddock it gets a lot more sun than the other one and I think will work better for winter thus allowing me to "spell" the back garden once this lot is done and build the soil up while I concentrate on the other one. Then the orchard garden can have a "spell" over summer.

That is the theory anyway but with nine people to feed I might need both gardens in summer - so big learning curve happening here.

Raining today but will get some photos this afternoon to post and show you how it is all looking.

Have a fantastic day



The Old Dairy said...

What a great idea, a seed a day. I'm a bit like you feast or famine.
But it's exciting learning isn't it.
How is work going?
Big hugs to you we WILL catch up soon...

Tracey McBride said...

Hello dear Daisymum! What a wonderful concept! I am starting tomorrow. I have some basil, oregano, mint,and thyme seeds that need starting--they should be enough to keep me busy for a few days, until I get to the nursery to buy more. Thank you so much for passing along the idea. I hope you and your lovely family are doing well and are happy! :) Good thoughts from...

Caroline said...

Oh gee daisymum you make me so warm & fuzzy knowing you think I'm so lovabley(is that a wrd) weird.