Thursday, March 19, 2009

They're here!!

Yay finally my seeds arrived from Diggers.

It is an overcast day and they are expecting it to stay that way so this afternoon I am planting out stage two of the new vegetable garden. By the time it is all done these will be big enough to transplant.

Don't forget to plant a seed a day in 2009 so you always have something growing and producing food.
Off to work


Stewart said...

Go daisymum7, hours of fun ahead of you there.
I grew the magic bean mix earlier this year and found it very interesting.
Happy gardening.

Cathy said...

Hello DM
Look forward to following the progress of all those 'sowings', should be a good harvest for you and the idea of a few a day will be good as there should be a 'continuous' harvest at that.
Did you understand all that? lol
Take care

Tracey McBride said...

They look gorgeous Daisymum! Seeds always seem so miraculous to me...the potential they hold. Thanks for sharing and the seed a day reminder.
God bless.