Friday, March 13, 2009

And just to prove it wasn't a fluke.........

These slightly blurry shots are my Golden Beetroot - sewn direct!!!, and my miniature kale also sewn I on a roll or what?
We have a busy weekend but I am still hoping to get some more gardening done, after I run all over the place on Saturday doing some jobs I need to do and attending another family party on Satrurday night, then Sunday daisyson12 has a trial game for rugby so we are off for a picnic and fishing after that (it is near the water). I wish I could have some time to sew this weekend but it doesn't look like that will happen....maybe next week.
Work is going well the new hours are WONDERFUL and knowing I am there everyday has helped me to be a bit calmer and more organised. I said on a comment this morning that I think I have found my rythym and it feels great. The little kids are happier now that I am home every afternoon when they get home, the house is happier, and the garden is doing well, just have to plan in some sewing time for me and life will be perfect!!!
have a fantastic weekend - try to plant seven seeds for the coming week - a seed a day.

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