Monday, March 16, 2009

Tommy Teddy comes to visit

This is a photo of a very tired Daisyboy4 and his friend from prep Tommy Teddy.

Tommy goes home with a child for a few days and has to be taken everywhere and the visit recorded in photos, drawings or in words. Then when they get back to school they have to tell everyone what Tommy got up to at their place.

So Tommy got dragged to a family birthday party on Saturday night, helped clean the house, played and generally enjoyed his visit here at daisymountain. He is off back to Prep today to be taken home by another child.

I am sending the blog address to school so the kids can see him on the net.



Caroline said...

Sounds a bit like my Oopsey bear out travelling around like that. Bet daisyboy will love showing this page to his classmates. Incidently Oopsey has now left Canada & is off to the States, my kids love tracking her path.

Cathy said...

Hello DM
They do that in Preps here - I had to do the same for one granddaughter 'cose she was staying with us that weekend.
She took him to her iceskating lessons - now that was fun trying to get out on the ice to take a picture of the two of them in focus lol
Take care

daisymum7 said...

Caroline I was thinking that - oopsey off to the states hey cool will keep an eye on his adventures.

Cathy hope someone got a photo of you taking the photo!!lol


Caroline said...

I know we haven't played for a while but if you would like to play Wednesday's word today it would be good.
Hope everything is still going well & the scales are still balancing.