Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beautiful things............

This Glorious Frangipani took up residence in my garden about 18 months ago at the height of the drought. I bought it for $5 from the local markets, put it in and crossed my fingers, we don't water our plants (except the veges) as we are on tank water. 18 months later and this is what she rewarded us with......This is probably my favourite shade of pink well it is today anyway.

Have a wonderful day whereever you are. I am off to plant some seeds and do something in the vegetable garden and start building a third one to prepare.



Leslie said...

I hope your planting is going well. That is a beautiful plant, Thanks for sharing. Hugs ~~~~Leslie

The Vintage Rose said...

How gorgeous that the frangi survived on rainfall. I'm back at work full time until the week before Easter, then 3 days a week after school holidays.