Monday, February 2, 2009

A Brand new week..................

You can probably tell from the title I am somewhat calmer this morning than I have been for a few weeks.

I spent yesterday washing, folding and daisydad did the ironing for the week (bless him). I went and did some shopping (at Aldi - for the first time it isn't too bad they had everything I had on my list so...and loads of orgnaic stuff that was a very reasonable price - I will probably go back again)

Then I came home and got cooking so I have three meals cooked for this week and one containner of marinated stir fry meat in the freezer as well as an extra container of chili in the freezer.

About the only thing that I am behind with now aside from the vegetable garden but I this will happen tomorrow afternoon, is the sewing work that has come in. By the time i get home from work and do everything that I used to have all day to do there just aren't enough hours. i will be glad once I finish off these jobs that I can just say "no" from now on.

I took daisygirl and daisyboy12 to the train station this morning (and picked up a few of the commuters along the way who were waiting for the bus to take them there - it isn't exactly like picking up hitchhikers because I know they live in the village and mostly I have seen them around - but I guess people think it is strange to stop and ask if they are off to the station and if they want a lift - but it is catching on someone told me the other day she does the same thing now - ahh my own mini revolution!!!) The I got home and dsaiydad took daisyboy4 abnd daisyboy7 off to school so I have these precious moments to catch up with all of you until I leave for work.

Getting up early is great I got a load of washing on, the dishwasher unloaded, the rubbish out , changed our sheets , hung out the load of washing and swept the floor. The FABULOUS thing is - when I get home from work the house should still look like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay my friends have a fantastic day -(she says feeling very superior, organised and calm!!!!LOLOLOLOL)



Lyn said...

Have a lovely day!

joolzmac said...

Have a nice week DaisyMum!

We secured accomodation for K18 in Adelaide. Phew! It's a townhouse with 3 bedrooms & bathroom upstairs, large living space, laundry/toilet, kitchen downstairs. Sharing with a guy from our home town and his girlfriend and another dude. Now we just have to kit out her room - desk, chair, chest of drawers, heater, fan, bla bla bla! It's a 5 minute trip to the uni by car or the bus stops right outside the unit. Get this - $103.50/week plus minimal electricity quarterly. We are very happy and now I can imagine K18 living in the city.

Have a good one, - Joolz

joolzmac said...

I am sure things will fall into place between work and home. You sound like you are a pretty organised lady and your family pitch in so don't be afraid to ask a little more of them. Nothing gets done in my home unless I ask or write a note or txt K18/B15 to do something. Yesterday, K18 got home from Adelaide 2 hours ahead of us so I txt her to put on a load of towels then a load of blacks - all done and dry by the time we got home. Beaut!

Lovely mountain, by the way!


Caroline said...

Hi daisymum sent you a email early this morning. You are a organized soul aren't you!!

The Old Dairy said...

Dosn't being organized make the whole day easier....hope you had a good day at work today...

The Vintage Rose said...

What a tranquilly beautiful picture!