Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Fluid nature of our lives.....

More changes on the way here at Daisy Mountain, work changes this time. Very soon I will be working five days a week from 8.30am until 2.55pm (so I can race down the street and pick up the little boys from the bus stop in the Village) This means the daisyboys won't even realise I am at work I can drop them off to school, go to work pick them up off the bus and still have a few hours in the afternoon to get some gardening, sewing, cleaning, organising, and cooking done. The best thing is I won't be working Saturdays!!!!!!!!!!!! (well not every one anyway)

And in a few months I will find someone who I can train to do Wednesdays (Patchworkers Day) and Saturdays for me and then I will only work four days a week, which will give me a day to help out at school, or just chill out at home.

The other change is the closing of my little alterations and mending business, I have taken the ad out of the local paper, am referring my clients to someone else and.......................I sold my industrial machines! Now in my little sewing room there are two big holes where the monsters used to reside. I am very excied to be able to have more room and finally a cutting table in the room and space for the ironing board which has been living a "nomadic" existence since they arrived.

It looks bare but full of promise - Thursday I will get in and clean it again and re organise things.

My sewing room was the project I worked on as my mother was dying, we had it built it and in the days before her funeral I undercoated it and for weeks after I painted and painted and organised and shuffled, it became a real haven for me. Once I started working it became more of a house of horrors, every time I walked in there I felt guilty and a tad panicked as I looked at all I had to finish. Now that that pressure is gone it has become my haven again and I really really enjoyed sewing that quilt last week I am inspired and motivated and relaxed. Sewing once again becomes my refuge not my source of guilt.

So as with all things my life is flowing and changing into something quite different. And there is at leat one other new challenge that may come my way in a few weeks time but more on that if it happens. I would never have believed that once daisyboy4 was off to prep my life would take such turns and twists! I feel very alive.

Have a wonderful day



jacqui jones said...

you sound so busy
im glad your sewing room is a haven again..:)

joolzmac said...

Hi Daisymum

Thanks for the comment about Kirby. I am happy that she is in this shared unit. The other girl, Kelly21 is really glad there is another girl to share the housework with - she is sick of living with 3 guys. The upstairs bathroom smelled like Shreks swamp when I got there on Monday but by yesterday morning it smelled like Princess Fiona's! Domestos is a wonderous thing! Kirby shares that with one guy, Tom (who she will meet today)so it shouldn't be too hard to lay down some ground rules re tidyness. As with most young people, they tend to leave things lying around so I will have to get used to that each time I visit. Kirb may step up and start a little re-organisation plan... or not? Anyway, the fun begins now.
Have a nice day - we are expecting 27C here, the sun is shining and there is a light breeze. Beaut!

Cheers - Joolz

The Vintage Rose said...

Sounds great that sewing is now enjoyable again!