Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The great lap quilt in five days challenge.......

Wednesday last week we got an invite from my SIL to her 6oth birthday - wondering what to get her I settled on the idea of a quilt.
I had a few handpieced blocks from a hand piecing course I did (4) so I only needed five more to make a lap quilt. Sunday I got stuck in and made another five blocks (machine pieced of course) and last night I added some sashing (thats the reddy coloured strips between the blocks). This is what it looks like so far.
Plans are for a scrappy one inch border then a wider greenish one then quilt and hopefully bind it in the car on the way to Bundaberg this Friday. I might if I have time add some flowers to the edge of the basket block but I think might be just a bit too ambitious given the time frame!!!
Now that I have given up my sewing business I am rediscovering how much I can get done in my sewing room in a short time. And the pure joy of sewing because I can not because I have to.
Have a fantastic day


The Old Dairy said...

Where do you find the time. Do you never sleep. I love the lap quilt by the way my birthday is in October!!!!lol.
Been catching up after a few days away,glad that work is going well and your settling into a rutine.
Have a great week

Caroline said...

No hurry daisymum believe me I know exactly what it's like.

Sometimes I think I should join the circus, you know I could be the juggling act, then again also the ringmaster cause I have to organize everything or yet again the clown cause sometimes you've just got to laugh.....

Oh by the way I told you that working mums are indispensable everyday hey!!

The Vintage Rose said...

Nothing like time pressure to get something done! It is beautiful! I'm so glad you are enjoying making it and have given up the 'have to'