Thursday, February 19, 2009

The green bits connected to the red bit.........

Or how daisymum spent her day........................

First you make a really long string of one inch squares trying not to put two the same together..

Then you sew them to the quilt centre with your trusty sewing machine.

Then you add a green check border......

And lay it out and have a good look at it.......

oooh look - my toes match the quilt!!!!!!!!!!!

Then stand further back....and notice that it looks a bit "washed out"

Add a slightly darker green border and stand back and see that it gives it some more definition.

A bit closer so you can see it better

This little gem of a fabric I bought very cheaply at my favourite quilt shop I think it was $6 a metre and it matches the front perfectly. I sewed it together so it was big enough for the backing, joined several large pieces of batting left overs together for the batting layer and now I am ready to quilt!!!!!!!

I also managed to shop, vacuum, and pop in to the library ( ALL BY MYSELF!!!) and collect a book I had on hold.
My day was blissful but boy is it HOT. Storm on the way hope we don't lose power I need to put the pedal to the floor to get this baby quilted and the binding sewn ready for me to hand stitch before we leave tomorrow at 1pm - yeah I'll get it done...................................


Cabbage Heart said...

Yeah ya will...thats the spirit!

joolzmac said...

Hi Daisymum

Phew! I'll just call you butter...'cause you're on a roll!!!
(maybe a jelly roll!?!)

Slow down pally, you'll blow of foofer valve!! I am amazed at your fabrically fantastic talent. You go girl!

Have a nice weekend - much cooler here thankfully.

Final pack up today and tomorrow for Kirby then dinner out with the Nanna's Sunday night we go on Monday morning. **sniff**

Cheers - Joolz