Sunday, February 15, 2009

How we are coping three weeks on.................

This is the last bunch of hydrangeas off my bush a little bunch of colour peeking out - nothing too surprising there except this is the first time in weeks I have been able to see it -I am sure some of you know what I mean.
So what have we been up to........
daisyboy4 has settled in well and after a few days of teary farewells (him not me) he now rushes off to the classroom and gives me a kiss and tells me "to have a great day". In the second week of school we decided to put him (and some of the other preps) on the bus from school into the village. They were so EXCITED and they loved it they even managed, as a little group, to talk around some of the more reluctant to let go parents into letting their other little friends join them. It is so satisfying to be able to give your kids this hint of freedom, this first little bit of independance, they feel so important and grown up ( and lets face it you don't have the hassle of the school parking and pick up!) I need to say here the bus is a privately contracted bus that bring the kids straight from school to the bus stop in the village no other stops along the way, they have the same bus driver "Karen" every day and she is a marvel. So now they catch the bus every day, in a week we will be able to drop them off in the cul de sac and they will walk to the big shed for assembly each day so no more out of the car , walk to the classroom, etc etc it always seems to make me late for work!!
Daisyboy7 is in heaven football sign up finally arrived last weekend pre season training starts this Wednesday his little mate from school didn't sign up this year but another one did so he is as happy as they are all outside now doing pre tackling drills ..... the ARU changed the age group for tackling to under 8s this year so new rules for some of the ages groups.
daisyboy12 is loving high school, and he has also signed up for club football, turns out a kid who lives down the road and goes to his school also plays for this club so things are looking very good for shared driving to and from training (YAY!!)
Daisygirl will be 14 next week and apparently we are going shopping with five of her friends for her birthday - I am hoping this means I get to sit and drink coffee and read while she and the girls hit the shops, not a bad way to spend a Sunday might take the laptop with me and update the blog then too!!! Oh by the way ipod nanos don't like a 60 degree whites wash.......yes my helpful girl put her school uniform in the wash and turned the machine on...good thing I ticked the "accidental loss" box on my insurance policy ....... the guy at the insurance company told me that it was common, and the other common one is those hand controllers from the wii thingys smashing big screen tvs !!! Our kids don't have one but if they did I would give them 100 points for being able to hit our little screen tvs!!!!LOL We are so technologically challenged in this household when all the stations go digital we will be sitting in the dark!!!! (note to self must get one of those set top thingys one day)
Daisyson18 is happily working, waiting for uni to start and helping me with the house and child care in the afternoons. Oh and doing up his car - no he still hasn't gotten around to getting his licence...........
daisyson20 's has started up a landscaping business he seems to be busy and happy and hardly ever here so I think that is good news.
daisyson21 will be a fully fledged electrician in just 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he has been offered a job with the firm he is currently working for and we are keeping our fingers crossed they will give him a fuel card - all his jobs are on the southside of town so he leaves home most mornings at 4.30 - 5 am. His best friend is off overseas today for 12 months but he has some plans for the next few months to keep him occupied.
daisydad isn't getting a lot of work lately so our frugal ways are helping a lot, plus my work. But he is happy and finding more time to potter in the garden (lucky me) Trouble is he thinks everything that isn't a tree or a well established shrub is a weed - so I go around in the afternoon after he has been out there and take cuttings of everything he has chopped down or pulled out!!! The thing is I have been so busy spending Sunday getting organised for the week ahead I haven't been in the garden with him - but it is nice to have the help so I am not saying a word!!
And finally to me - (sorry this is such a novel!!!) Work is fabulous I just love it, the house is pretty well organised, I am on top of things mostly and it gets easier every week. We are in the throes of making quilts for the fire victims at the moment and my SIL turns 60 next week so decided this morning to add a few blocks to some I have already done and put a quilt together for her for next weekend. ....yeah I know but you know me it will get done ( and to be fair we only got the invite to her birthday on Wednesday - good thing there are UFOs in my sewing room).
The vegetable garden is well turned over and full of manure and compost, ready for planting probably next week I have some potatoes and beans in already but the new bed won't be ready for another couple of weeks.
As for the home front well meals are done for next week, cakes are cooked and frozen for lunches, I just need to do some fruit shopping and I am once again ready for the week ahead
SO blogland that is the update from daisy mountain - I loved everyones Friday camera Grab photos from the other week. Have a great Sunday


Margaret's Ramblings said...

You have been busy, it's great that the little one has settled in so well. You wonder what you will do in those empty hours but they soon get filled up don;t they, take care, Margaret

Out Back said...

Life seems pretty busy at your house.

I am glad that things are falling into place a bit better for you now.

Organisation is the key.


joolzmac said...

Phew, I need to sit down with a cuppa and catch my breath after reading that epic! Lol!

K18 has been 'on the road' since she turned 16 - very handy for getting to netball practice and picking up B15! SA laws allow babies to drive cars at 16!

We've started to pack Kirby up for Uni and D day is next Monday when she and I go to Adelaide to drop her off. Waaaaah!!

- Joolz