Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've been tagged by Tracey..

The gorgeous Tracey from over at Frugal Luxuries has tagged me to write about six things - things about me....

Well here goes

ONE: I have worked in a lot of jobs over the years but the one job I own up to and do really well is being a mum. When my first son was born I can remember thinking that nobody else in the world had ever felt like I felt - nobody knew what a joy it was to be me at that moment...not all motherhood moments are like that but I can honestly say most of them for me are. My children are the greatest thing I have ever or will ever accomplish.

TWO: most of the things I do I do because I feel I should - I have this charmed existence where I am married to the most gorgeous man in the world, a man who I have loved since I was 15 years old. We have all our children here with us and they are all functioning happy people in their own unique ways. So when someone asks me to do something I feel I have to because I have this great life and I need to pay the universe back for allowing me to live like this. Some would call it guilt but it is more than that it is simply thankfulness.

THREE: When I grow up I still want to be a nurse and a writer. There are so many things I want to do in my life and sometimes I crowd it with loads of stuff just so I can get through my very very long list of I want tos...everyday when I look in the mirror I am shocked to see how old I am - I still think and feel like I am in my 20s and I still have so many things to do.

FOUR: I love being able to work and raise money for charity but I hate it when people thank me for it or try to make a big deal of it - it is simply one of the things I do I am thrilled when they come off well and we raise loads of money but other than me being thrilled in myself I don't want photos or plaques or thank yous I just want to move on to the next thing.

FIVE : I am a SNOB - it isn't a pretty trait but it is who I am I would never be rude to anyone but I detest flip flops/thongs being worn as anything other than beach wear, I hate to see jeans hems dragging on the ground, and people gum chewing. It amazes me that people don't dress properly for anything anymore, that they have no manners whatesoever in the most basic of situations and don't get me started on a 20 year old girl who can't set the table (yes a GF of one of the daisyboys - thankfully she didn't last long) But my pet peeve this year is how people behave in church they wander in and out of the church all through the mass nobody ever tells their children to just be quiet so you have this cacophany of noise all the way through the consecration it is appalling. I tell people it is the only hour a week where our lot all shut up and listen at the same.

SIX: I am really looking forward to being out and about in the world next year without a toddler in tow. After 22 years I will be able to sit and have a cappucino without having to scoop off the foam for the little one, or leave it to go cold while I take them to the toilet, I will be able to shower and go to the bathroom all by myself, I won't have to stop to clip someone into a car seat , or push them in trolley, I can go to the library and actually get a book out for me! I can eat lunch at 2pm if I want to. A quick trip to the shop will be a quick trip. I will be able to try on clothes instead of bringing them home in two sizes, I will have time to go to the dentist, have a pap smear, get a haircut without having to employ McCarthur-like qualities in organisation and troop movement. But even as good as all that will be I will be after 22 years i will be on my own really irrevocably on my own for 6 hours five days a week..............................



Cabbage Heart said...

LOL! Love number 6.

Caroline said...

Oh yes for protection of course!!!

The Tin House said...

Hi Daisy, cute kids! That 4 year old looks like he's had the reply he wanted from Santa!

I can't be sure....but I'm guessing wildly that as you sit there with your cappucino, reading your library book without being interrupted, having just had your haircut and your teeth cleaned, you might feel a certain pang....not of loneliness, but of solitude. You just won't be used to it!!!!! Enjoy.

Lisa x

daisymum7 said...


I am sure by the time it gets here after weeks of school holidays I will probably feel at least a moment of pure bliss!!!lol

I am so pleased to be at the end of this particular phase of my life sometimes I think I am just too old to be the mother of a 4 yeasr old.


Lyn said...

How lovely to learn some more about you! I hope you thoroughly enjoy the changes in your life next year and the pangs as you see your last little one go to school are not too painful!

Margaret's Ramblings said...

You will enjoy yourself and find time to do so much you haven't had time for - but you will still miss them, LOL